AC Buying Guide – Window AC, Split AC, Inverter AC

AC Buying Guide

AC Buying Guide – Window AC vs Split AC vs Inverter AC: Ohh It’s Summer Again! Temperature is increasing day by day making it difficult for everyone. You are not alone if you are planning to buy an air conditioner for your home or office to keep your indoors cool, summer lasts till September in India. Now, As the demand is increased, the market is flooded with the air conditioners of many top brands in India. With the availability of so many brands and models, buying an AC is not a simple task. That’s the reason we have come up with this AC Buying Guide so that you can choose one of the best AC for your home and AC.

Types of ACs in India

There are various types of air conditioners available in the market. Here in this post, we will only cover air conditioners built for residential use. Here we won’t talk about the commercial ACs. Let’s see the types of AC available in the Indian market.

1. Window AC: Window AC is the simplest one in the list because of its form factor. Window ACs are mounted on windows of the rooms. In window AC, the evaporator side is located facing the room for cooling and the condenser side facing outdoor for heat rejection. Also, It’s very easy to install a Window AC. Check our list of Top 10 Best Window AC in India.

2. Split AC: Split AC is made up of two units – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that work together to cool the room. Indoor unit includes evaporator is installed inside the room and outdoor unit which includes the condenser and other cooling parts installed outside the room. Usually, Split AC are faster at cooling, more energy efficient and quieter than window AC. It also looks beautiful inside the rooms. Check our list of Top 10 Best Split AC in India.

3. Inverter AC: Inverter air conditioners are very popular these days. It looks same as the Split AC but differs in its technology and working. Having the Inverter technology its compressor runs at varying speed. Unlike the normal window or split AC, The compressor in inverter AC doesn’t need to switch on and off continuously, but instead just speeds up or down as need demands, that’s the reason, inverter models are generally more energy efficient. In case if you are planning to buy, Check our list of Top 10 Best Inverter AC in India.

4. Portable AC: Portable AC resembles like an Air Cooler, you can easily move it from one room to another. We don’t recommend a portable air conditioner as they are not that effective, you may consider buying a portable AC only if you really need it. They are less energy efficient and also the water management could be a hassle. You will only find few models in Portable ACs. Here’s the List of Portable AC available in the market.

Window AC vs Split AC vs Inverter AC

When you plan to buy one of the Best Air Conditioners in India, you have to choose between a Window AC or a Split AC or an Inverter AC. While Window AC units are the cheapest in the market which is very easy to install and having everything in a single unit, costs less in service and maintenance, Split AC units, on the other hand, are quieter, aesthetically more pleasing, and provide better air distribution. Usually, split ACs are also faster at cooling, more energy efficient and quieter than window ACs. That’s the reason Window ACs are out of the fashion these days, Split ACs are the popular choice among Indian buyers.

Inverter AC units which have built-in inverter technology consumes less electricity as compared to the traditional Window or Spit Ac. Unlike the conventional air conditioners, Condenser in Inverter AC runs continuously at a varying speed that’s the reason an Inverter AC is energy efficient and gives uniform cooling. Generally, A 3* Inverter AC will be 8-10% more energy efficient than a normal 5* Window or Split AC.

Here we recommend Best Inverter AC in India, Choosing an inverter AC over other conventional ACs may seem to be a smart decision. But again it depends on many other factors, the best according to your need, want, budget and preferences.

AC Buying Guide: Other Things To Consider

There are many other technical and practical things you need to consider while buying one of the best AC for your home and office. Here are the important things you should check before you make a decision to buy an air conditioner.

Capacity: The capacity of the air conditioner should be considered depending on the room size for which the AC is being purchased. A rough calculation is that a room of 120-140 square feet will need an AC with 1 Ton capacity, for 150-180 square feet room it will be 1.5 Ton, and for 180-240 square feet room you will need an AC of 2 Ton capacity.

Energy Efficiency: This is another most important thing you consider while buying an air conditioner. Air conditioners come with star-rated energy-efficiency ratings, implemented by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Higher the rating more the energy efficiency, Any unit with more stars will consume lesser electricity than one with a lower star rating. If possible go for the higher ratings, anything more than 3* rating is good. 3 Star ACs are more popular in India.

Copper versus Aluminum Coils: These days you get the air conditioner with two coil variants, copper, and aluminum. ACs having copper-coil are better, they have a much longer life and fewer leakage complaints. ACs with aluminum coil costs slightly less but offer lesser life and durability. We won’t recommend comprising here, always go for an AC having a copper coil.

Other Features: Anti-Bacterial filters, Dehumidifiers, Timers, Auto Sleep Mode and Auto Clean Technology are few of the features that you may consider while buying one of the air conditioners for your home or office. Most of these features are common in almost all types of air conditioners.

Brand & Warranty: Buying a large appliance for your home is a costly affair, you are going to invest your hard-earned money. So choose the brand wisely, all top brands in India are expected to offer good quality products and great after-sale services.

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When is the right time to buy an AC?

Of course, we need air conditioners in summers and we plan to buy anything when we actually need that product. Here we suggest you avoid buying an air conditioner in the peak season, as due to high demand you may end up paying higher for an AC, as being the peak season, you won’t have the power to negotiate. Try buying an AC before the start of the summer so that the AC is installed in your rooms and you can use that when you actually need. Alternatively, it can be worth buying an AC just after the season ends. The old stocks may go on sale as retailers make room for new products. While the newest models may be a bit more efficient or have new features, a recently superseded model at a bargain price can be a great deal.

Which AC Brand is Better in India?

All good AC brands in India are expected to offer good quality air conditioners. Don’t forget to check their warranty terms and services. Here we recommend going for an air conditioner from well know AC brand in India, you will get top quality products, a better value of your money and great after sale services. In case if you are planning to buy an AC from a specific brand in India, here’s the list worth checking, Best Voltas AC in India, Best Hitachi AC in India, Best Daikin AC in India, Best Samsung AC in India and Best LG AC in India. You may check our Air Conditioners category for more such lists.

Conclusion: AC Buying Guide

We hope with the help of this AC Buying Guide, you can choose one of the best air conditioners for your home easily. Our recommendation here is to go for an Inverter AC having at least 3-Star Ratings from a well-known brand in India. Choose the one having copper coils with an optimum cooling capacity as per your room size.