Best Air Purifiers In India, Delhi 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

An air purifier can help you breath high-quality and fresh air, here’s our list of top 10 best air purifiers in India, Delhi reviews along with the buying guide.

With the increasing level of air pollution especially in the metro cities of the country, it has become really essential that you should have an air purifier installed at your home to help you and your family breath high-quality, fresh and pure air. While buying an air purifier, you need to know all the details and information and the things that you should look for in the air purifier that works best for you and your family.

A few years back, we didn’t know that there is this appliance called air purifier even exist. But, as we saw the increase in the air pollution level, many brands came up with the air purifier and thus today you can see so many models exist in the market. From the cheaper option to the high-end commercial models, you have all the options. But then it creates the problem of choosing the one that is best considering your city’s air pollution level. Hence, here in this post, we have hand-picked the top 10 best air purifiers in India that you can currently buy considering your city’s air pollution level.

Why our list of best air purifiers in India?

  • Our list of best air purifiers in India is not just based on our personal opinions or on user reviews, in fact, it is directly based on the number of sales. The listed air purifiers are also the best-selling air purifiers online in India.
  • What it means of being the bestseller air purifiers? These air purifiers are trusted by hundreds and thousands of users in India. These are tried and tested air purifiers and thus many people have already purchased and using them.
  • When you choose to buy one of the best air purifiers in India listed here, you actually buy a quality air purifier that will give you the fresh air and also you will get the best value for your money. So, go ahead and buy an air purifier that India trust.

India is a large country having different kinds of weather and climatic situation. You will face one or other types of pollution or related problems and thus you need to have these appliances in your house. Appliances like air purifier, water purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier are some of the really cool appliances that come really handy with the changing weather and climatic situation in India.

When it comes to air pollution, different cities will have different types of air pollutants. For example, the air pollutants in Delhi will be different from that of Mumbai. And thus, you need to have different types of air filters that can control those specific air pollutants in your city. While buying one of the best air purifiers in India considering your city air pollution, you need to have a complete idea about air pollution and the best suitable air filter types. Here in this post, you will get the complete information, we have given a quick buying guide at the end of the post along with some FAQs.

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers In India, Delhi 2022

So without the delay, let’s see the top 10 best air purifiers in India for 2022. Also, as we keep updating this list on a regular basis, here you will always get the latest and best models currently available in the market. We suggest bookmarking this page so that you can come back here, whenever you need to buy a new air purifier. You can click on the links given to check the pricing and to buy any of these best air purifiers in India.

So, this was our list of best air purifiers in India that you can currently buy. You can choose from any of these, as these are the most trusted and best-selling models online in India. In case if you are not happy with our list or if you want more options, just search here. You will get the curated list of more air purifiers, you can compare the features and pricing and also you can go through the existing user’s reviews before making your buying decision. More importantly, you can choose and buy an air purifier considering your city’s air pollution that best meets your requirements.

Quick Guide Buying The Best Air Purifies In India, Delhi

In case if you are still not able to choose the right air purifier for your home, it’s very obvious as there are so many brands having different air purifier models. But, you don’t need to worry, here is our quick buying guide that will help you in making an informed decision. In case if you want more info, do check the FQAs as well (given below).

Filter Type Used

There are different types of filters used in the air purifiers, these air filters target different types of pollutants in the air. Air purifiers use the combination of these filters, here are the top 5 most popular filter types that are used in the air purifier.

HEPA Filter

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration is considered as the highest level of the air purification process. The US HEPA standard was developed long ago by the Atomic Energy Commission. Their goal was to capture the radioactive dust particles. The True HEPA Filter is known to remove more than 99.97% of all the microscopic particles. So, these types of filters can allow only the very small particles to pass by thereby, allergens like pollen or pet dander or mold spores or even dust particles will be eliminated. 

Carbon filter

Another variation of air filters is called the Activated Carbon Filters (ACF). This type of filter is not really used alone to purify the air. Usually, they are accompanied by other filters. These activated carbon filters excel at eliminating or absorbing irritating odors. They are also capable of neutralizing smoke, chemicals, and fumes.

Ionic filter

It’s completely a different type of filtration system. This type of filter emits a charged cloud of ion in the air, the ions present inside the cloud get attached to the impurities present in the air and it forces them to get attached to the nearby surface, it does not eliminate the impurities but restrict it to float in the air. But this process is also capable of eliminating ultra-fine particles, sizes as small as 0.01 microns.

UV Light Filter

There is actually a UV lamp inside the purifier. It emits an invisible light that contains UV light. This light attacks the pollutants as they are passing through the filter. The UV that kills pathogens, germs, and microbes. It is also certified by the California Air Resource Board, making the process ozone free. It is capable of only killing viruses, bacteria, and germs. So, this filter can’t be bought as a standalone device.

Ozone filter

This type of purifier manufacturers Ozone gas intentionally.  If you get exposed to ozone, it may aggravate your asthma symptoms and if you consume it heavily then it may create scars in your lungs. Thus, these types of air purifiers are not safe to use. Although, there are article and statements which are made to make you believe that these devices are safe for public use but it’s better to stay away from ozone purifiers.

Air Purifier Size

Along with the combination of filters used and the standard ratings, it’s very important to choose the air purifier size when you look for buying one of the best air purifiers in India. The size here directly impacts the area an air purifier can cover. There are different types of air purifiers are available that are best suited for small rooms, big rooms, and commercial spaces. Do check your requirements and consider these points when buying the one for your house so that it can work effectively and can cover the required space.

ACH and CADR Ratings

Well, when you look at the specifications or if you go to the store to buy one of the best air purifiers in India, you will come across these two terms. ACH stands for Air Changes Per Hour, which simply tells the efficiency of the air purifier. The higher the number, the greater is the efficiency of the purifier. CADR rate defines the maximum amount of clean air offered by an air purifier. To make it simple for you, a higher CADR air purifier filters the air very quickly as compared with the lower ones.


When you are buying the air purifier for your home, it’s important that you choose the one that has a lightweight and is portable so that when needed you can move it to other rooms. But do note that the portability comes with some limitations as it might only cover small space or it might not be that effective.

Smart Features (Sensors, Monitors & Alerts)

There are some basic features that you will find in all the models from all the brands but there are some smart features that you need to look for when buying the best air purifier in India. There are sensors, monitors and alerts that you should look for. The digital controls, an option to control the fan speed, air quality monitor and alerts are something that should be there in the air purifier.

Air Purifier Cost + Maintenance Cost

The cost of the air purifier is not the only cost that you will deal with when you buy an air purifier, there is the running cost and the maintenance cost as well. You need to replace the air filters after a few months of use (it depends on how you use the purifier and the air quality), you will get the indication when you need to replace the filters. Thus while buying any of the air purifiers for your home, do have the estimate of these costings.

Energy Consumption & Noise Level

There are some air purifiers that makes a bit more noise when switched on as compared with the other models. The noise can be really irritating during the night and thus do check this thing carefully when you buy a new air purifier. Also, we also inform that you should check the energy consumption rating whenever you buy any electric or electronic gadgets or appliance, the same you need to check here as well.

Brand & Warranty

When you buy an air purifier, you can use it for many years, you just need to change the filters in it. Thus, you need to choose the brands really carefully so that you can use the air purifier for many years without facing any issue. Also, when you choose to buy from the well-known and trusted brands, you will get the warranty and support as well. Do check the warranty terms careful and even if a brand costs a bit more, it’s really worth spending that extra money and investing it in a brand.

Most Common Source of Household Air Pollutants

Airborne Particles: This type of air pollution is caused due to airborne particles for example dust generated from the construction sites, animal or pet dander, plant spores, etc. These are known as the common source of allergy and asthma attacks in every household.

Tobacco Smoke: The tobacco smoke can be really irritating especially for non-smokers. Though, because of awareness people are quitting smoking, still, tobacco smoke and smoke, in general, are one of the known air pollutants in the house.

Household Gases: It forms one of the most common air pollutions in India. You have various toxins and other gaseous pollutants like pesticides, aerosol sprays, chemicals, etc. The best filter to take care of these impurities is the activated carbon filters.

Volatile Organic Compounds: VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are available in most of the common household products such as paints, varnishes, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, glues, and adhesives, and even new carpets and building supplies.

All these pollutants are dangerous for health. It does not matter if you are allergic to any of these pollutants, it still affects. The only difference is the allergic person will notice it soon and the non-allergic, it will affect slowly. As the different types of filter targets different types of pollutants, you need to have the idea of these pollutants in your hough so that you can buy the right air purifier as per your requirements.

Things you can do to Control Air Pollution at our Home

The air purifier is one of the ways that will help you with the air pollution around you but that is not the permanent solution. You can take the air purifier everywhere you go. You need to take some steps or initiative to control air pollution at your home.

  • Smokes generated due to the burning of coal and other wastes are the common cause of air pollution in the country. You should avoid (or at least minimize) the burning of wastes around you and you can switch to smokeless cooking.
  • You should replace the traditional light source such as CFLs etc. with the LED lights, it will not only help you control the air pollution around you but also it will help you save the money as well, as CFLs consume more energy.
  • Switch off all the electric or electronic appliances when not in use. These appliances also generate air pollutants in the house. Being a bit careful will help you in controlling air pollution and saving your money as well.
  • If you have space do plant some trees around you, in case if you live in an apartment you can plant some small trees in your balcony. It’s all about taking the initiative. If the lacs of people plant trees in their house, we can see the difference.
Source: YouTube, Credit: American Chemical Society
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These are some simple steps that you can start following in order to control the air pollution around you. It’s not just limited to these things only, you can do many other things, for example, you can use a cycle if you need to go to a small distance and you can carpool when you need to go to the office. We all need to take the initiative (today itself) to keep our home, city, and country free from air pollutions.

Air Purifiers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions that users ask when they go for buying one of the best air purifiers in India.

Which is the best air purifier in India?

Air purifiers have a different combination of filters that target different air pollutants. Thus, it’s very difficult to pick the single best options available. You can check our list of top 10 best air purifiers in India given above and buy one as per your requirements.

Which are the best air purifier brands in India?

There are so many good air purifier brands in India. When you are looking for the best, you can check one of the models from Mi (Xiaomi), Philips, Honeywell, Kent, and Dyson. These are currently the most trusted air purifier brands in India.

Is having an air purifier is essential in today’s time?

Sad but yes. It’s really essential to have a good quality air purifier in your house in today’s time. With the increasing level of air pollution these days especially in metro cities, an air purifier can help you and your family breath fresh and pure air.

How often do I need to replace the filter of the air purifier?

It actually depends on how (often) you use the air purifier and the air pollution level around you. In general, the air filters work perfectly for 6-9 months. You will get the indication when you need to replace the air filters of the air purifier.

Are air purifiers safe to use, are there any drawbacks?

Yes, the air purifiers are safe to use otherwise it would have been banned by the government. But there are some air purifiers known as ozone-producing air purifiers, which may cause some problems and/or allergies. We suggest not to use them.

Does the air purifier also cool or dehumidify the room?

No, the air purifier only purifies the air and helps you breath fresh and clean air. It’s nothing to do with the cooling or dehumidifying the room. You may feel some sort of cooling, that’s because of the fan inside pushing the air, that’s it.

Does the air purifier also help in better sleeping?

It does not have any direct impact on sleep. But, indirectly it helps you sleep better. Air purifiers can remove dust particles and other impurities that cause congestion which leads to improper sleep. Fresh and clean air may help you sleep better.

Is it safe to buy an air purifier online in India?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy air purifiers online when you buy it from the trusted online store. You get the option to replace it if you get a faulty air purifier. Also when you choose to buy online, you will get more options and better pricing and discounts.


Clean air and water are the essential requirements for healthy living. As per the WHO, water pollution and air pollution is the major problem in developing countries especially in the country like India having high population growth. If you are living in a metro city or somewhere where the air pollution is very high, it is highly recommended that you should have the air purifier installed in your home and office.

Now that we have come to the end of our list of top 10 best air purifiers in India and also our air purifier buying guide, we hope that by now you have got all the details and information that you need to choose and buy the best air purifier model for your home to keep yourself and your family healthy. You can choose the one from our list above that only includes the bestselling models or else you can refer our buying guide.

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