Best Android TV Boxes In 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Want to make your old TV set, a Smart TV? Here’s our list of Best Android TV Boxes reviews along with a buying guide that can help you turn your current LCD TV into a smart TV (simple plug and play).

With the popularity and demand for Smart TV, we all want to upgrade our old TV set to a new modern smart TV. But, if you have a budget constraint or if you cant upgrade your old TV at this moment of time. There is a quick way you can make your old LCD TV to a smart TV, that is Android TV boxes.

An Android TV box is a small device that you just need to plug into your old LCD TV set and wow, your old TV becomes a Smart TV. You can stream all online content directly to your TV set using an internet connection. These TV boxes are compact in size and are really affordable, reliable and high in performance. You can enjoy your old TV just like a modern featured rich smart TV, there won’t be any difference, it will be a smart TV.

Why Our List Of Best Android TV Boxes In India?

  • Our list of best Android TV boxes in India here is not just best on personal opinions or users reviews but they are directly linked to the number of sales. Yes, these are also the best-selling Android TV boxes in India.
  • Being bestsellers means these Andriod TV boxes are being used by hundreds of people in India. Thus these are tried and tested and you can also buy any of these Smart TV boxes with full surety and confidence.
  • When you buy an Android TV box listed here, you will actually get a quality product i.e. Andriod TV box and the best value for your money. So, go ahead and choose a product that India trust.

The Andriod TV boxes are really popular these days, also in rural parts where people are using it to stream online content directly on their television. Android TV boxes also have the store options, where you can install various Apps and Games etc. You also get many apps already installed for example – YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. which you can use to watch your favorite online content.

Configurations To Check While Buying an Android TV Box

In case if you want to turn your old TV set to a newer smart TV using these Android boxes, there are few things you need to check before buying an Android TV box.

Processor & OS

Processor and operating system are the two important things that you must check before buying an Android Tv box for your television. Consider buying an Android Tv box having 1.5Ghz Quad-Core CPU or even higher for faster and smoother performance. When it comes to OS, go with a minimum of Android version 6.0, the latest version is always better (you can get version 7.0 and evener newer version as well) as there might be some applications which only runs on the latest version of the Android operating system.

Memory (RAM) & Internal Storage

Physical memory i.e. RAM is also very important for the smooth functioning of the TV box. The box should have 2GB DDR3 RAM for fast and efficient processing. The more, say 4 GB of RAM, is even better. When it comes to internal storage if you are not an avid gamer even the 8GB will be sufficient, you can go with higher storage as well if you need.

Resolution & Refresh Rate

When buying one of the best Android TV boxes in India, do not forget to check the output resolution. There are many Smart TV boxes in the market that only offers a 720P resolution. I will suggest you, to go with at least a full HD (1080P) resolution. Again it depends on your TV resolution as well. The lower refresh rate will give you a laggy performance while viewing video content, thus make sure you buy the best Android TV box having a dynamic refresh rate.

WiFi, LAN, USB Ports & Bluetooth

Though, as you are buying a smart TV box for viewing online content, it should be having one or the other internet connectivity port. But, make sure you get all other important ports as well so that you can connect other external devices. Bluetooth helps you in connecting with you Bluetooth speakers whereas USP posts help you connect external memory devices and gaming consoles.

Google Play Support

When you are buying one of the best Android Tv boxes in India, make sure it supports Google Play Services out of the box. So that you can easily install your favorite apps from Google Play store. Otherwise, you may need to go through the hassle of installing Google Play Services first and then only you can install apps.

Widevine Certification

You need Widevine L1 Certification to stream the content from an Android TV box to your television. Widevine is a DRM (Digital Rights Management) certification by Google to protect digital content from piracy. Apps like Netflix use the three levels of security provided by Widevine. To play HD/FHD/QHD/4K resolution contents from YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix, the Android Box you’re buying must support Level 1 security of Google’s Widevine DRM. A much check when you are buying an Android TV box.

Enough about the buying guide, hope it helps you in choosing and buying one of the best Android TV boxes in India. Now, let’s go ahead and check out the best Andriod TV Boxes or you can call it Smart TV boxes that you can currently buy in India.

Best Android TV Boxes In India In 2022

Here we go with our list of the best Android TV boxes in India that you can currently buy. We keep updating this list of Android TV boxes here so bookmark this page and come back any time when you need to buy a latest and best Smart TV boxes for your TV set.

This was our list of best Android TV boxes that you can currently buy in India. In case if you are not happy with our list above or if you want more options, search here. You will get more options in Android TV boxes that you can compare the features before making your buying decision and then choose the one that best meets your requirement.

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