Best Body Massagers In India 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

A body massager helps you to massage your sore and tired muscles yourself. Check our top 10 best body massagers in India reviews and the buyer’s guide.

With people living in a fast-paced lifestyle, they rarely get a time to relax properly. Also due to reckless habits and unhealthy living, daily stress and body pain are really common these days. Considering these effects and thanks to modern technologies, manufacturers have developed this device called body massager. With the help of the body massager, you can easily relax your sore muscles and can get relief from body pain.

You should have the massager at your home, you never know when you or someone in your family might need it. Body massager and foot massager are the most used massagers in today’s life. With the help of the body massager, you can give a full massage to your body without anyone’s help. There are different types of body massagers available in the market and thus we thought of bringing you the list of top 10 best body massagers in India that you can currently buy in the market. Do check our health and fitness category for more such lists of best health and fitness products.

Why our list of best body massagers in India?

  • Our list of best body massagers in India is not just based on our personal opinions and user reviews but they are directly based on their sales number. Yes, they are also the best-selling body massagers online in India.
  • The best part of buying the best-selling body massagers is that they are tried and test. Hundreds and thousands of people are using these body massagers in India. So you can also buy any of these massagers with full confidence.
  • When you choose to buy one of the best body massagers in India listed here, you actually buy a good quality body massager and also you will get the best value for your money. So, go ahead and buy the best body massager that India trusts.

The body massager is an essential buy for everyone who has back or shoulder pain. Along with this if you are someone who is into the physical activities, you should have a good quality body massager at your home so that you can use it when you need it. In case if you are planning to buy the best body massager in India, you will get all the information here. At the end of our list, we have also given a quick buyer’s guide that will help you in making an informed decision in choosing and buying the best body massager in India.

Top 10 Best Body Massagers In India 2022 Reviews

Here we go with our list of top 10 best body massagers in India in 2022. The list only includes the best-selling body massagers in India. Also, as we keep updating the list on a regular basis, here you will always find the best and latest body massagers currently available in the market. You can bookmark this page so that you can come back here at any time when you need to buy a new body massager for someone in your family.

This was our list of 10 best body massagers that you can currently buy in India. As these are the most trusted body massagers in India, you can buy any of them as per your needs and requirements. In case if you want more options, just search here. You will get the list of more such body massagers, where you can compare the features along with the pricing and can go through the user reviews before making your buying decision.

Quick Guide – How to Choose the Perfect Body Massager

Body massager is really important in today’s fast-paced life. From relieving from daily stress or from body pain to blood circulation improvement in the body, the body massager is really helpful. What more important here, is choosing the perfect body massager. This quick guide help you find one of the best body massager in India.

Massage Types & Modes

The body massagers have different modes and that’s how they work. Each of the massager modes works and relaxes the body pain in its own way. Thus, you need to be really careful when choosing one of the best body massagers in India. There are vibrating massagers that have vibrating mode embedded in that. These handheld massagers have a vibrating motor inside it and this is how they provide the vibrating massage.

There are infrared body massagers that generate infrared heat in order to provide an effect which is generally nice and warm to the muscles of the affected area. The infrared massagers are usually better when the normal vibrating massager does not work. There is another type of massager that is called acupressure massager, this type of massager applies physical pressure in order to relieve body pain. You can choose from these body massagers as per your needs and requirements.

Massager Shape & Weight

The shape and weight of the massager are the next things that you should give importance to when choosing the best body massager in India. The shape of the massager helps you use the massager in the most effective way. Make sure the handle of the massager is big enough to reach the every part of your body. Also, the massager should be light-weight. It will be very difficult to use body massager for a long time if it’s too heavy.

Easy To Operate

While looking for more and more features in the body massager, do not forget to consider the ease of the operation. We all look for more features in the gadget we buy but most of the time we do not use those features and sometimes having those features, it really becomes complicated to use the gadget. Especially, when you are buying for an elder person, make sure the massager is easy to operate and use.

Brand & Warranty

As the body massager is a health-related gadget, we always recommend you choose it from a trusted brand. The body massagers from the trusted brand will be approved by the agencies and thus it won’t have any health-related side effects. Also when you choose to buy from a well-known and trusted brand in India, you get the better quality massager and also the warranty on the body massager.

Other Important Features

You should look for many other smart features in the massager that you choose to buy. One such thing is the different massage heads. Here you get the option to change the massage head as per your requirement keeping the motor and other parts of the massager the same. It helps you in different types of massage with a single body massager. Here you can change the massage head and thus you can enjoy different types of massage.

Advantages of Using a Body Massager

There are many advantages of using a body massager. In case if you are still not sure if you need to buy one of the best body massagers in India to help relax your body muscles from pain, here are some of the other advantages of using the body massager.

  • In our day to day life, we experience pain in the different parts of our body and also if you do some unusual task you start experiencing pain. A body massager helps you relax your tensed muscles and gives you instant relief from pain.
  • Along with relieving muscle pain, it also helps you in the blood circulation in the body. For elders and middle-aged people, it is highly recommended that you take a full body massage at least once in a week for better blood circulation.
  • Body massage also helps in relieving daily stress, anxiety, pains, and headache. Also, when you do regular body massaging, it will improve your sleep pattern because of the relaxing effect the massager has on your body.
  • Body massagers work really wonder in back and shoulder pain. It is also helpful when you start experiencing muscle soreness or pain from physical activities. Thus, you should have a body massager so that you can use it when you need.
  • Another benefit of using a body massager is, the body massaging improves the skin texture. The effect is the result of stimulating your blood circulation under the skin which makes the skin look better with perfecting the circulation.

Some Disadvantages of Using a Body Massager

So you know all the advantages of using body massager, there are some disadvantages as well. Here are some of the most common cons of using body massagers.

  • Do note body massager is not the permanent solution. If you are suffering from some serious problems or injuries, the body massager may help you instantly but you may need to consult the doctor for permanent treatment.
  • The body massager is an electric device and thus, you need to be a bit careful when using the massager on your body. Also, we suggest using body massager only when you need it, do not get into the habit or get addicted to the body massager.

Body Massagers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions that most of the users ask on online forums while they plan for buying one of the best body massagers in India. We thought to cover these questions here to help you and all our users so that you can make an informed decision in buying the best body massager.

Which is the best body massager in India?

There are many good body massagers that are suitable for different massage types. A single massager may not fit everyone’s requirements. You can check our list of top 10 best body massagers in India given above and choose the one as per your needs.

Is an electric body massager good for health?

Body massagers are really helpful in relaxing sore and tensed muscles. They are wonders in body pain relief if used correctly. Though an electric body massager is completely safe to use, still, if you face any problem you should consult a doctor.

How long should I use the electric body massager?

There is no fixed rule here, you can use the electric body massager for 10-20 minutes on different parts of your body. When you feel relaxed, you can stop using body massager. Also, when your body does not need a massage, you can avoid it altogether.

Are massagers beneficial for back pain?

The most affected area in our body is the back and shoulder. These are the most common areas that pain more. Hence the body massagers are designed and work in such a way to effectively relief the back pain as well as shoulder pain.

Is it safe to buy a body massager online in India?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy a body massager online India, though you need to buy from a trusted online store. You get better pricing online and more options as well. In case if you get a faulty massager, you can replace or return it online.


Everyone should have a body massager at your home even if you don’t have any use now, you never know when you may need it. Having a regular body massage have several health benefits. It does not just help you relive fro body pain but also the body massager helps you in sleeping better and glowing your skin with better blood circulation.

Now that we have come to the end of this post, where we have covered the top 10 best body massagers in India for 2022 reviews and also given a quick body massager buying guide, we hope that you have got all the details and information required so that you can choose the best body massager in India.

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