Best Dry Irons in India 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Irons are one of the most used appliances in any home on a daily basis especially if you have school going kids or office going person in your home. Here we bring you the Top 10 Best Dry Irons in India in 2021 and reviews.

Keeping a dry iron in your home proves to be really handy as you can iron your clothes anytime when you need to do so. You should definitely have an iron box in your home especially if you are an office going person or if you have school or college going kids, you can use the iron box to get rid of wrinkles from the clothes easily, you can have any dry irons or steam irons.

Dry irons are sufficient to cater to the daily requirement of ironing clothes. Most of us don’t make use of all those fancy features given in the costlier irons, as we tend to finish this work quickly. Our suggestion here will be to go with those irons which have all the basic things we need in our daily ironing use and in that case what could be better than choosing one of the best-selling dry iron in India.

Why our list of best dry irons in India?

  • Our list of best dry irons in India is not just based on our personal opinions or on user reviews but the list is actually based on the number of sales. So you can also call this a list of 10 best-selling dry irons that you can currently buy in India.
  • Being the best-seller dry irons online in India, these dry irons are tried and tested and are being used by hundreds of users in India. So you can actually buy any of these dry irons without worrying about their quality and performance.
  • When you buy one of the best dry irons in India listed here, you not only buy a good quality dry iron for your regular use but also you will get the best value for your money. So, just go ahead and buy the best dry iron that India trusts.

We suggest you go through our Quick Buying Guide (given at the end of this post) before you make a purchase decision. Also, check our other related post, Best Steam Iron in India, And in case if you are looking for any other home or kitchen appliances, do check our Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances category.

Our Top 3 Pick

In case if you in hurry and don’t want to go through the reviews of all 10 dry irons, here are our top 3 picks that you can choose from. Being the bestselling dry irons in India, there three iron boxes are purchased and being used by hundreds and thousands of users in India. You won’t go wrong by choosing these best dry irons in India for daily use, so you can buy any of these best irons in India without any doubt.

Top 10 Best Dry Irons in India in 2021

Here’s our list of the top 10 best dry irons in India that you can buy currently. The list here is updated on a regular basis, so you will always get the best and latest dry irons list here, we suggest bookmarking this page so that you can refer this whenever you need to buy a new dry iron for your home. For the availability of these irons, we have given direct links to the e-commerce website where you can see the current prices as well.

Sale: 18% OffBestseller No. 1
Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron
  • Non-stick coated golden color sole plate
  • Super clean finish with pleasant aesthetics
  • Cool touch body with comfortable hand grip
Sale: 6% OffBestseller No. 2
Philips HI114 1000-Watt Golden American Heritage Soleplate Dry Iron
  • Golden american heritage soleplate
  • Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams
  • Iron temperature-ready light
Sale: 33% OffBestseller No. 3
Crompton InstaGlide 1000-Watts Dry Iron with American Heritage Coating (Black)
  • PRODUCT: Crompton's dry iron with American Heritage Soleplate Coating for higher durability and longer life
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Wattage 1000 W; Voltage 220-240V ; Dimensions 250 X 115 X 170 (L X W X H) mm
  • SAFETY: ISI Certified with power heating element for heavy duty use and overheat safety shut-off features
Sale: 27% OffBestseller No. 4
Bajaj Majesty DX 11 1000-Watt Dry Iron (Blue/White)
  • 360 Degrees swivel cord
  • American heritage coating non stick sole plate
  • Dual color
Sale: 37% OffBestseller No. 5
Havells D'zire 1000-Watt Dry Iron (Mint)
  • American heritage original imported golden nonstick coating on sole plate
  • Easy to see pilot light
  • Easy grip fabric selector knob
Sale: 25% OffBestseller No. 6
Usha EI 1602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron (multi-colour)
  • This product does not require installation. Please contact brand customer care for any product related queries
  • Light weight and non-stick PTFE coated sole plate. 180° Swivel Cord
  • Cool touch body
Sale: 2% OffBestseller No. 7
Philips Classic GC097/50 750-Watt Dry Iron (Peach)
  • Powerful performance. Black non- stick coating for easy gliding
  • Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams. Precision tip for ironing tricky areas
  • 180 degree Celsius swivel for ease of ironing
Sale: 22% OffBestseller No. 8
Philips GC181 Heavy Weight 1000-Watt Dry Iron
  • Powerful performance : Heavy soleplate that is built to last
  • Easy to experience : Easy to understand temperature settings
  • Modern design : Attractive looks with powerful performance
Sale: 34% OffBestseller No. 9
Usha Goliath GO1200WG Heavy Weight 1200-Watt Dry Iron, 1.8 Kg(Red)
  • Heavy 1.8 kg for effective ironing
  • power 1200 W for faster heating
  • Dual Coating Weilberger Gold soleplate for durability
Sale: 13% OffBestseller No. 10
Philips HI113 1000-Watt Plastic Body PTFE Coating Dry Iron
  • Black american heritage coating for easy gliding
  • Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams
  • Iron temperature-ready light

These were the 10 best dry irons that you can currently buy in India, also, these are the top-rated and most reviewed dry irons in India currently. Although we have listed above the best dry irons that you can currently buy, in case if you want to do some research and comparison before buying a dry iron for your home, Just search here. You will get hundreds of more options in dry irons, which you can review and compare before choosing one of the best dry irons for yourself in India.

Things To Consider When Buying An Iron Box

In case if you are still not able to decide which dry iron you should buy for your home, let us help you. Here’s our quick buying guide which you can go through while purchasing one of the best dry irons in India. We hope the guide and other details will help you make your best buying decision when buying an iron box for your home.

Types of Iron

The first thing that you need to decide when buying an iron box is the type of iron you want to buy. There are majorly two types of irons that you can buy in India, dry iron and steam iron. The dry iron is very inexpensive and is good for normal daily ironing. The steam iron has an advantage that it sprinkles water when ironing and thus it’s very effective in getting rid of stubborn wrinkles and in making deep creases.

Dry irons are good if you do less frequent ironing and mostly iron clothes made up of synthetic fiber but if you do more frequent ironing and mostly iron cotton and denim clothes like jeans etc. you can choose one of the best steam irons. Do note that the steam irons can also be used as a dry iron when you don’t use water in it.

Size of the Iron

One of the important factors when buying one of the best dry irons in India is the size of the iron box. For a general household, the iron box should be light-weight so that it can be handled properly during ironing unless you tend to iron heavy cloths like blazers or jeans, etc. The size of the irons is usually generic, the compact size makes it easy to use, and also you can carry it while you are traveling. Though for ironing cotton and denim clothes like jeans and blazers etc. you may need a heavy iron box.


Irons are usually used by all the members of the family and hence should be user-friendly and not involve complicated procedures for handling. Many who do ironing daily prefers an iron box that is less complicated to use unless you do it professionally. An iron box having lots of features might be completed to use especially if someone is not an expert. So, depending on your usage requirements, choose the right iron box.


The basic iron box may not have any special features but still it might be good for someone who is expert in ironing. Some of the features in today’s iron boxes makes it easier to iron the clothes. For example temperature setting features can help you set the temperature as per the requirements of the cloth. With auto on-off features, the iron box gets switched off when it reaches the set temperature.


One of the important things that you should check while buying one of the best dry irons in India is the cord quality and built. Now, you may ask, what’s special in the cord? One, the cord quality should be good, two it should have the optimum cord length, and the most important one, the cord should be fixed in a way that it can rotate 360 degrees. It makes the whole ironing process simple and easy.


The price is always an important factor in purchasing an appliance. The price range for dry iron is from 500-2000 Rs in India depending upon functions and specifications. Here we suggest choosing a dry iron that has all the basic features you need in an affordable costing. Though, if you spend a bit more, you can get an iron box with some more features, it’s simple, the higher the price, the more features in the iron box.


This is one of the most important factors desired in any product before purchasing it. The quality should always be given importance and never compromised as durability is something needed in all appliances as after-all it is purchased by your hard-earned money. Though an iron box is a simple appliance and it lasts longer still, check the quality, reliability, and durability of the iron box before you make a purchase.

Brand & Warranty

There are some brands which are well known to us and offer quality products and services. Brands like Philips, Bajaj, Hevelss have introduced many models and can be trusted with closed eyes, on the other hand, certain brands which are not well known offering low price but the quality might be poor. So make your decision properly and do check warranty terms etc. while buying one of the best dry irons in India.

Quick Ironing Tips

It looks very simple and easy to iron clothes but, do note that it might not be that easy for you if you ironing clothes for the first time, especially managing those deep creases on cotton clothes. You can become an expert in it after some practice, here are some quick ironing tips that will help you especially if you are new to ironing.

  • Before you start using the iron, clean it properly, do not forget to clean the soleplate, or else if there will be any dust on it, it will stick to the clothes.
  • Heat the iron properly as per the requirement of the cloth, do note that different types of clothes need different heat settings, so set the temperature accordingly.
  • Test run the iron on some old clothes before using it, doing this, it will clean the soleplate of the iron, and also you can test the temperature of the iron.
  • Use the auto on-off feature if it’s there in your iron box or else if you see the temperature increasing, switch off the plug for some time.
  • After using the iron box, place it in a safe place and once the iron box gets cool, put it in the box, and then you can keep it anywhere.

FAQs About Dry Irons (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is best, a dry iron or a steam iron? Which are the best iron companies to choose from? There are so many such questions that come to the user’s minds when they plan to buy an iron box. No, worries we will help you with resolving all your queries about dry iron. We have collected some of the most common questions and answered them here to help you as well as our other users make an informed decision when buying one of the best dry irons in India, just through these FAQs once.

Which is the best dry iron in India?

Different people have different requirements as well as design and brand preferences and thus it’s not at all possible to recommend a single iron box to everyone. You can check our list of the top 10 best dry irons in India and choose the one that you like.

Which are the best dry iron brands in India?

It’s always good to have choices, there are so many good dry iron brands that you can choose from. Bajaj, Philips, Usha, Havells, and Crompton are some of the best iron brands in India that you can trust when buying an iron box for your house.

Which one to choose, a dry iron or a steam iron?

If you do ironing frequently and you have a limited budget, you can choose a dry iron. Steam irons have the advantage that they sprinkle water and thus they are good removal of stubborn wrinkles even from heavy fabrics. Also, the steam irons can be used as dry iron but a dry iron can not be used as a steam iron.

Which soleplate is best for ironing?

For less frequent ironing on cotton and denim cloths, you can also choose an iron having stainless steel soleplate, for ironing on synthetic fiber cloths like polyester, the ceramic soleplate is good; for light-weight, you can choose titanium as well.

What is the ideal weight of the dry iron?

As such there is no ideal weight for iron, it all depends on your requirements. The compact and light-weight irons are comfortable to use whereas the heavy irons are good for ironing cotton and denim cloths and for removing stubborn wrinkles. For travel purposes, a 500-600 gram iron will be good.

Do I need to use water when using a dry iron?

You don’t need to use water when using a dry iron, especially when ironing synthetic fiber cloths where you don’t need heavy creases, though you can use a little water when ironing denim clothes like jeans with a dry iron for a better result.

Is there any harm in drying a wet cloth with iron?

You should not use the iron to dry clothes, water inside the cloth when heated may damage the cloth and also it may create stains on the clothes. Though, if it’s slightly wet and it’s for wearing inside, in some urgency you can use the dry iron on it.

Can I iron silk clothes with dry iron?

Yes, you can use a dry iron on silk clothes, in fact, they are really comfortable to use on silk clothes as they are compact and light-weight. Though if it’s a mixture of silk and other synthetic-fiber, you should avoid ironing that, it may create creases.

How to clean an iron box safely?

It does not require any special effort in cleaning a dry iron, it’s very simple and easy to clean it. You can clean an iron box with any clean clothes, before cleaning, make sure the iron is not hot. Also, clean the soleplate before and after using the iron.

Is it safe to buy dry irons online in India?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy dry irons online in India provided you buy it from a trusted online store so that if anything goes wrong, you can get the replacement or your money back. Also, you will get more options when you buy online.


Simply put, an iron box is a basic necessity and whether you do ironing frequently or if you don’t do ironing very often, one should have a good quality iron box in their home. Having an iron sometimes makes life really easy and most importantly everyone can have them, as they are very inexpensive. An iron box that you choose should have long cords, non-stick soleplate, lightweight, user-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient.

For your reference again, here are the top 10 best dry irons in India (it’s the same as given above) that you can currently buy. They are all best-sellers, so you can choose any of them, that best matches your ironing requirements.

Now that we have come to the end of this guide and the list of top 10 best dry irons in India, we hope that you have got all the details and information that you need to choose and buy one of the best quality iron boxes for your home. You can choose one from our list of irons given above that only includes the bestselling dry irons or our quick buying guide will come handy while making your buying decision.

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