Best Exercise Bikes/Cycles In India 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Here’s the top 10 best exercise bikes/cycles in India. Having so many models available in the market, this guide will help you choose the best one.

Cycling is a great workout to be fit but in today’s busy city life, outdoor cycling is not possible sometimes, in that case having an exercise bike at your home will be of great help. In case if you are planning to buy an exercise bike for your home, here we bring you the top 10 best exercise bikes in India. Having so many models available in the market, this guide will help you choose one of the best exercise cycles in India.

There are two types of exercise bikes/cycles, either upright (pedals below the user) or recumbent (pedals in front of the user). An upright cycle is much similar to a regular traditional cycle, which we all are familiar with whereas a recumbent type with a modern design is more flexible, relaxing and comfortable to use.

These days the modern exercise bikes with the use of cutting-edge technology will give you the same resistance, affect and feel that you are actually riding a traditional cycle, you can control the resistance, monitor the distance and calories burnt. For more best health and fitness related products do check our Health & Fitness category.

Whether you use one or the other type of exercise bike, what matters here is your fitness goal. So if your budget allows you can go for a high-end exercise bike with so many advanced features or you can choose the simple and affordable one. Both will give you the same result, provided you actually use them and that’s what matters.

Top 10 Best Exercise Bikes/Cycles In India 2021

The list here includes the 10 best exercise bikes available in the market right now. Here, we have looked for a compact, affordable, and a durable modal that is ideal for home use. Also, As these are the best selling exercise bikes online in India, many people like you and me, have already purchased and using these bikes/cycles.

Sale: 43% OffBestseller No. 1
Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle With Moving Handles & Adjustable Cushioned Seat (Multi-color)
  • EASY INTERFACE – This stationary bike comes with a user-friendly tracker and an LCD that allows you to scan modes and track your time, distance, speed, and calories burned as you exercise.
  • ERGONOMIC SEATING – The Reach Exercise Fitness Bike is ergonomically designed for comfortable seating with large adjustable seat cushions. Its handlebars are packed with high-density foam, which will prevent you from experiencing stiffness of the back, strains, and muscle aches as you work out.
  • BELT RESISTANCE - Belt Requires Limited Maintenance, Improves Pedaling Technique, Permits Less Momentum-Based Recovery, Makes The Rider Work Efficiently And Operates Quietly.
Sale: 40% OffBestseller No. 2
Reach Ab-110 Fitness Air Bike With Moving/stationary Handle Adjustment with Back Support (Multi-color)
  • Full-Body Workout The Reach Air Exercise Bike Is A Stationary Cycle That Also Offers A
  • Easy Interface This Stationary Bike Comes With A User-Friendly Tracker And An Lcd That Allows You To Scan Modes And Track Your Time, Distance, Speed, And Calories Burned As You Exercise
  • Ergonomic Seating The Reach Exercise Fitness Bike Is Ergonomically Designed For Comfortable Seating With Large Adjustable Seat Cushion. Its Handlebars Are Packed With High-Density Foam, Which Will Prevent You From Experiencing Stiffness Of The Back, Strains, And Muscle Aches As You Work Out
Sale: 41% OffBestseller No. 3
Cockatoo AB06 Stainless Steel Exercise Bike with Moving Handle and Adjustable Cushioned Seat, Black/Silver (DIY, Do It Yourself Installation)
  • 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects || For installation and service, please call at +91-95245-00088 (working hours: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm)
  • Technical feature: you can glance at the 6" LCD monitor, which tracks calories burned, time of exercise, speed and distance covered
  • Flywheel size: 3.0kgs, 1 PC crank & one way bearing || fan based air resistance
Sale: 47% OffBestseller No. 4
Body Gym Exercise Cycle 201 for Weight Loss at Home | Bonus Tummy Trimmer for Stomach Exercise | Fitness Bike with Abdominal Exerciser | by KS Healthcare
  • This exercise cycle: portable, non-motorized exercise cycle machine for home use. Electronic meter displays time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan. Manual tension knob for strength adjustment. Ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips. Steel frame construction. Easy to adjust the seat and handle position. Note: for exercise cycle 201 handles do not move backwards and forward during the exercise
  • Health management: a half hour on a stationary bicycle helps up your daily calorie burn. Burning a greater number of daily calories means that you will have an easier time managing your weight. Regular physical exercise helps you manage your weight, boosts your immune system and reduces your risk of developing chronic disease
  • Improved joint mobility: cycling helps in improving the range of motion of your joints. Knees, ankles and hip joints are affected by cycling. When you paddle, all these joints rotate, which is good for their range of motion and they also become strong
Sale: 54% OffBestseller No. 5
Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym - Dual Action for Full Body Workout (Setting for Moving/Stationary Handles) - Adjustable Resistance, Height Adjustable seat with Back Rest (Do It Yourself Installation)
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT -- Dual action handle bars move back & forth to target upper body muscles (similar to elliptical cross trainer). Pedalling targets lower body muscles. The handles can also be set to stationary mode
  • VARIABLE WORKOUT INTENSITY -- Tension controller knob allows adjustment of resistance level thus offering different levels of workout intensity
  • LCD DISPLAY -- Digital meter tracks time, speed, distance and calories. Scan mode continuously toggles time, speed, distance and calories reading for easy monitoring of all metrics while working out
Sale: 52% OffBestseller No. 6
A1 Solution || Air Bike || Dual Moving Handles || Exercise Home Gym Cycle || Workout || Cardio || Made in India || The A1 Solution to Your Health (Moving Handles + Twister+ Back Support + Handle)

  • EASY LCD INTERFACE DISPLAY--> A1 Solution Air Bike comes with Digital meter tracks time, speed, distance and calories. Scan mode continuously toggles time, speed, distance and calories reading for easy monitoring of all metrics while working out. Track calories burnt by you in real time on LCD tracker.

  • FULL BODY WORKOUT --> A1 Solution Air Bike has Dual action handle bars move back & forth to target upper body muscles (similar to elliptical cross trainer). Pedaling targets lower body muscles. The handles can also be set to stationary mode. Increases Upper body endurance, Strengthens Lower body. Body Parts targeted include Thighs, Arms, Legs, Belly.

  • VARIABLE WORKOUT INTENSITY --> A1 Solution Air Bike has Tension controller knob allows adjustment of resistance level thus offering different levels of workout intensity. Provided with Knob system with tension adjustment that allow you to regulate your workout at a variety of different intensity levels.
Sale: 47% OffBestseller No. 7
Inditradition Mini Pedal Exercise Cycle / Fitness Bike (With Digital Display of Many Functions, Ready to Use)
  • Perfect Exerciser For Home, Gym and Office :: Regular Exercise of 20 Minutes Will Help In Maintaining Good Health
  • Digital Display Meter Provides Speed and Cycle Count :: For those who want to keep their health data on track, this device boasts a 5-function LCD readout. Displaying exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute (rpm),and calories burned on an easy-to-read display, this exerciser provides an accurate readout of what you've accomplished. For added convenience, a scan feature alternately displays all of these measurements automatically.
  • Resistance can be easily adjusted with the tension screw, allowing you to increase or decrease the strength of your therapy to meet your personal needs.
Sale: 53% OffBestseller No. 8
Kobo Indoor Exercise Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Cardio Weight Loss Gym Workout - Free DIY Installation Support
  • Exercise bike with stationary handles and adjustable height of handles.
  • Rubber foot caps protect metal framework from damaging the flooring &provides stability to the gym, keeping it in position.
  • Single frame welding with belt resistance technology. User Weight 110 Kg.
Sale: 48% OffBestseller No. 9
Healthex Digital Pedal Exerciser LCD Counter Exercise Bike Indoor Fitness Resistance Home Use
  • VERY SIMPLE ASSEMBLY : We have designed this product with your convenience in mind. Our team of engineers have created a quick-step setup to get you toning muscle instantly. All required tools will be included with each purchase for your satisfaction.
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION FOR CUSTOMIZED WORKOUT: Easily adjust the tension level with the tension knob for a personalized exercise experience. Great low impact exercise for beginners and perfect for rehabilitation following a surgery or injury.
  • Its display function shows workout time, number of rotations completed, estimated burn calories, rotations per minute.
Sale: 68% OffBestseller No. 10
crownish Indoor Exercise Cycle for Home Gym Portable Mini Home Pedal Exerciser Cycle Gym Fitness Exerciser with Adjustable Resistance LCD Display for Leg, Arm Cardio (Small Cycle)
  • Pedal Exerciser: Multi-functional LCD monitor displays time, distance, total count and calorie etc. | Exercise Cycle for Home Gym
  • Sturdy frame and non-slip feet for safety and efficient
  • Adjustable resistance knob to meet different physical condition

These are our pick for top 10 exercise bikes in India. Being the best selling exercise bikes online, you can expect great quality and best value for your money. You can buy any of these models with confidence as thousands of people like us are already using them. Go ahead and choose an exercise bike that the world trusts.

Want More Best Exercise Bikes/Cycles? Search Here!

Here, we have listed here the top 10 best exercise bikes in India, the list gets updated on a regular basis so that you always find the latest and best exercise bikes available in the market. Still, if you want to check more option to view and compare, just hit the search link given above. You will get more options to choose from.

Things To Consider While Buying Best Exercise Bikes/Cycles In India

Every one of us wants to get fit and stay in shape but that’s not possible without a proper diet and a bit of exercising. Cycling is a great way to keep yourself fit. If you are going to buy an exercise bike or cycle, here are some important things you should consider.


Exercise bikes range from a few thousand rupees to tens of thousand rupees. The cheaper one will have fewer features whereas the high-end ones will have many advanced features. We suggest you, choose the one that fits your budget. We do not recommend to over-invest as more or less you will get the same result.


We do not buy exercising equipment very often. So choose the one with better build and quality so that it will stay with you for a longer time. Also, look for the essential features like foot straps, etc. Also, when we talk about the quality here, you need to check if its good enough for your fitness goal. Don’t forget to check the brand service and warranty as well. You should go with a brand that offers an on-site warranty.


There should be different resistance level which you can set as per your requirement. The cheaper models available will have manual resistance options whereas the high-end models will have automated magnetic resistance options. Don’t get stuck between the terminology here, even the manual controls do the job perfectly.


Of course, the design is a personal choice but you should still consider this carefully while buying exercise equipment. Some design flaws may be very uncomfortable while using exercise bikes. So choose the one that you can use with comfort. If you are buying from the store, try it before buying and if you are buying online, you have the option to return if it’s not comfortable to use (try it in the returning period).

Advanced Features

Last but not least if you are spending more and buying a high-end modal, you should look for advanced features. These advanced features include a built-in workout program and a monitor for your heart rate, speed, and many other things. These advanced features are mainly used for those people who are really fitness freak. If you are buying to use it regularly just to be fit, you can avoid some of these advanced features.

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