Top 10 Best Geyser Water Heaters In India 2022

Here’s the list of the top 10 best geyser water heaters in India 2022 reviews and buying guides. Geysers are the most used appliances in India during the winter.

Top 10 Best Geyser Water Heaters In India

In winter, it becomes difficult to bathe with cold water and work in the kitchen, especially in the parts where the temperature goes to single digits. That’s why it becomes necessary to buy the best geyser/water heater for your home. Water heaters are one of the most used, home and kitchen appliances during the winter. In case you are looking for one of the best water heaters (geyser) during this winter season, then your search ends here.

As winter arrives in India, the market gets flooded with the different models of Geysers/water heaters. Which makes really confusing to choose the best one for your home. In this post, We are going to list down the Best Geysers, Water heaters in India that you can buy in 2022. You can choose any of these geysers as per your requirements.

Why our list of best geyser water heaters in India?

  • Our list of best geyser water heaters in India is not just based on our opinions or user reviews but we have picked them on the basis of their sales numbers. Yes, these geysers are also the best-selling geysers online in India.
  • There is very little chance that you will go wrong when you choose to buy one of the bestselling geysers in India. There are hundreds and thousands of people in India already using these geysers, they are tried and tested.
  • When you choose to buy one of the best geysers in India listed here, you will actually choose a quality geyser that you can use for years and you will get the best value for your money. Choose the best geysers that India trust.

Finding the best geyser water heater in India can be really tedious, especially if you are buying it for the first time. But you do not have to worry now, as we have done all the hard work for you. We have done all the research to list out the top 10 best geyser water heaters in India for 2022. In case you like, do check our list of best immersion rod heaters in India.

Top 10 Best Geyser Water Heaters In India In 2022

Here we go with our list of the top 10 best geyser water heaters in India in 2022. The list is updated on a regular basis, so here you will always find the latest and best water heaters available in India. Also, we have given a direct link to the e-commerce store so that if you like any of these, you can easily buy the best water heaters in India.

Crompton Arno Neo 15-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater (Geyser)

  • Energy-efficient storage water heater with fast heating. Wattage: 2000 W; Capacity: 15L; Star Rating 5; Pressure 8 bar
  • Fitted with specially designed magnesium anode which prevents corrosion due to hard water quality

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

  • Color-changing LEDs that change from blue to amber to indicate the hotness of the water
  • Rust and shockproof ABS outer body for long life
  • Stainless steel inner tank of 304 grade

Crompton Bliss 3-L Instant Water Heater (Geyser) with Advanced 4-Level Safety

  • Instant water heater with fast heating function
  • Wattage: 3000W/4500W; Capacity: 3L; Pressure 6.5 bar
  • 4 LEVEL SAFETY: Capillary Thermostat, automatic thermal cut-out, pressure release valve, and a fusible plug to ensure complete safety.

V-Guard Divino 5 Star Rated 15 Litre Storage Water Heater (Geyser)

  • Highly Energy Efficient with Extra Thick & High-Density CFC Free PUF Insulation for Maximum Heat Retention
  • Single Weld Line High-Grade Mild Steel Tank

Bajaj Splendora 3L 3KW IWH Instant Water Heater, White

  • ABS outer body with SS tank
  • Copper heating element with efficient longer life
  • Suitable for 6 bar pressure
  • Unique Weldfree joint in an outer metal body
  • It comes with a fire retardant cable and a indicator for heating

Crompton Rapid Jet 3-L Instant Water Heater with Advanced 4-level Safety

  • Smart instant water heater with the powerful heating element
  • Wattage: 3000 W; Capacity: 3L; Pressure 6.5 bar
  • Capillary Thermostat, automatic thermal cut-out, pressure release valve, and fusible plug

Bajaj New Shakti Neo 25L Metal Body 4 Star Water Heater

  • Titanium Armour and Swirl Flow Technology
  • Copper element with efficient longer life, Storage Useful for Bathroom, can store heated water
  • Suitable for 8 bar pressure
  • Unique Weldfree joint in an outer metal body

AO Smith SGS-GREEN-006 Storage 6 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

  • Type: Storage ; Capacity: 6 Litres; Wattage: 3000 Watts; Pressure: 8 Bars ; BEE Rating: 5 Star;
  • Inner Tank Material: Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank- 2X Corrosion Resistance; Outer Body Material: ABS

V-Guard Victo 10 Litre Water Heater

  • Advanced Vitreous Enamel Coating, Superior Incoloy 800 Heating Element ensures Sustained Performance, Extra Thick Magnesium Anode provides Added Protection
  • Advanced Thermostat & Thermal Cut-out Mechanism provides Dual Overheat Protection, 5-in-1 Multi-function Safety

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

  • Best for multi-story buildings because it can handle 8bar pressure and is tested for 16-bar pressure.

These were our hand-picked list of the top 10 best water heaters (geysers) in India in 2022. Although we have listed the best geysers in India here in this post, still if you want more options, just search here. You will find more best water heaters and geysers that you can review and compare and then you can buy the one that best fits your requirement. If you are in a hurry, you can always go with the list of best water heaters we have selected for you.

Buying Guide: Best Geyser Water Heater In India 2022

As there are many different types of water heaters of different sizes and capacities and from different brands, it becomes really confusing to choose and buy a water heater for your home. With this quick buying guide, we try our best to help you with all your queries so that you can buy one of the best geyser water heaters for your home.

There are mainly 4 types of water heaters that you can get in the market.

Instant Water Heaters

These are the most common water heaters and are preferred mostly because of their low price and long durability. As the name suggests, they work quickly and heat the water instantly. They are usually compact and occupy less space and are hence preferred over other heaters available in the market. They are the perfect water heater for a small family, that has low requirements and also an easy setup, also they are affordable as well.

Water Heaters With Storage

Again, as they are named, these water heaters have storage to store the hot water. Because of the storge, they are quite bulky and require more installation space. This kind of water heater is most suited for medium to large families who need more quantity of hot water at a time. They consume more energy/electricity as well.

Immersion Heater

We all know these, they are our good old immersion rods. They would be the most budget-friendly alternative to actual water heaters or geysers. You can easily get them in any electrical shop and they usually cost around Rs 500/- to 2000/- depending upon the brand. They are not safe and we don’t recommend them, especially when you have kids in your home. If you want to buy, you can check our list of best immersion rods in India.

Gas Geyser

They are relatively a new type of water heater and that’s the reason they are not so popular as well. They are compact in size and are very energy efficient. They only work with a gas connection (it can be taken as both pros and cons) and that’s the reason they are more suited to places where there is no proper electricity.

Source: YouTube, Credit: RepairClinic

Other things that you should look for while buying one of the best geyser water heaters are easy to install, size and capacity to match your family’s requirement, durability, your budget, and last but not least after-sale service and support.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that most users ask when they choose to buy one of the best geyser water heaters in India. Check these to get more info.

Which are the best geyser brands in India?

With the best brands, you get quality products i.e. geyser water heater, and excellent after-sale services. Bajaj, Crompton, Racold, Havells, and Hindware are some of the well-known geyser brands in India that you can also trust.

Can I install the geysers myself?

We do not recommend installing the geyser yourself if you are not a professional. You should call the company support centers to get the geyser installed at your home, some of the brands provide free installation services for the first time.

How long does it take a geyser to heat the water?

It depends on the wattage of the geyser, having a higher wattage can quickly heat the water. For example – a 4KW geyser will heat the water faster as compared with a 2KW geyser, do note the higher wattage consumes more electricity.

How long does a geyser water heater last?

It all depends on how you use the geyser but if we talk generally, you can use the geyser water heater for 8-10 years. You get 1-5 years of warranty on geysers from different brands but they usually last much longer without any major issue.

Is it normal for the geyser water heater to make the noise?

Yes, it makes some sort of noise especially once the water inside the tank has reached the desired temperature but if you notice any unusual noise or something that you notice suddenly, it’s always recommended that you contact the support center.

Is it safe to use geyser water heaters in India?

Yes, they are pretty much safe to use geyser water heaters in India. As this is an electric appliance, you should get it installed at a distance so that kids can not reach there, rest there are no problems in using geysers/ water heaters in India.

My geyser water heater is leaking, what to do?

It should not leak the water. If your geyser water heater is linking the first thing that you need to do is, shut off the geyser immediately. Check the user manual if you can do anything else the best option is to call the company helpline for support.

Is my water heater not producing enough hot water like before?

If your geyser water heater is not producing enough hot water, there could be many reasons. There might be a chance that the heating element has got burnt out or something else. It’s better to reach the company’s support to get help with the issue.

Do brands also provide free geyser installation in India?

There are some brands that provide free geyser installation services when you buy a new geyser, later when you need to shift the geyser from one place to another, they may charge you for installation, always choose the company installation services.

Is it safe to buy geyser water heaters online in India?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy geyser water heaters online in India. You will get the same installation and other related support. The advantage of buying online is, that you get more options to choose from and you will get better pricing and discounts.


Bathing with normal or cold water in the winters can lead to several health complications like cold, fever, and others. Boiling hot water on the stove or using portable immersion rods takes much time and hard work. Installing a geyser water heater can be a great solution to get hot water quickly. We hope our list of best geyser water heaters and guide is helpful for you in choosing and buying one of the best geysers in India.