Top 10 Best Headphones Under 1000 Rs In India (2018)

Headphones are an important and must have accessories for a music lover. If you are a music lover and planning to buy a headphone and wondering which are the best headphones under 1000 Rs in India. Your search ends here, As in this post we have handpicked the list of top 10 best headphones under 1000 Rs in India. The list is updated on a regular basis.

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If you are looking for earphones, you should check our list of Best Earphones Under 500 Rs, Best Earphones Under 1000 Rs, Best Earphones Under 1500 Rs, Best Earphones Under 2000 Rs. As here in this article, we are just going to list the 10 best over-ear headphones being sold in India.

It’s really difficult to find a good quality headphone within a low budget. There are headphones which offer one thing but lacks in the other departments. So here in this post, we have handpicked the list of top 10 best headphones under 1000 Rs in India.

Top 10 Best Headphones Under 1000 Rs In India

Sennheiser HD 180 Over-Ear Headphones (Black) (Personal Computers)

Price: INR 835.00
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Key Specifications & Features:

Yet another wonderful rendition as far as headphone engineering is concerned, the HD 180 is a pair of headphone that delivers superior audio quality Sennheiser is known for, The entry level music accessory offers a rewarding listening experience and belongs to our portable entertainment headphones’ section, This dynamic stereo portable entertainment headphone delivers a powerful replication of sound and a rich, crisp bass response, Sennheiser HD 180 also flaunts a closed back design and is capable of attaining passive attenuation/effective isolation of background noise, Besides, the portable entertainment headphones have a solid construction and are quite comfortable to use, Comes with 3.5 millimeters plug which is compatible with most of the portable devices like handests, MP3 players etc

Sports a solid construction for greater durability

Sennheiser HD 180 Over-Ear Headphone
Heightened Audio Quality

Sennheiser HD Over-Ear Headphone is a trendy pair of headphones and can be an ideal choice for you. The headphone produces high-quality sound and comes clubbed with different advanced technologies, making it worth your investment. This headphone delivers powerful replication of sound and rich bass response, offering you great sound quality. As the headphone comes with circum aural design hence, it produces distortion-free sound and assures that you don’t miss even a tiny beat. It has a frequency response of 21-18000 Hz and sound pressure level of 108 dB/mW, enhancing clarity and comfort even with high decibel sounds.

Compact Look with Great Comfort

Sennheiser HD 180 Over-Ear headphone comes in sleek black finish, giving it a stylish look. It weighs 481 grams that makes the headphone extremely portable and easy to carry around wherever you go. This headphone has a sturdy built, which offers great durability. It comes with thick leatherette padded ear cups that gives comfortable listening experience even after extended hours of usage.

Compatibility and Additional Features

It has 3.5 mm plug and stereo jack adaptor allowing you to connect with a number of devices like Smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktops. Sennheiser Over-Ear Headphone is a powerful music accessory that can also be used for Audiophile, DJing and studio mixing. The product comes covered with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Sennheiser PX 80 Over-Ear Headphone (Black/Silver) (Electronics)

Price: INR 1,190.00
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Key Specifications & Features:

These on-ear portable headphones delivers good bass effect along with a balanced sound performance, Registered fold and flip design allows the ear-cups to turn 90 degrees, Rugged and durable and extremenly comfortable with ear cup cushions and headband cushions to use for long hours, Fits into the shirt pocket or you can securely carry it in your bag without entangling the wires in the hard case provided with these headphones, Comes with 3.5mm plug which is compatible with most of the portable devices like handests, MP3 players etc

Sennheiser PX 80 Over-Ear Headphone (Black/Silver)

Advanced Features

Enjoy your favourite music on the go with the Sennheiser over-ear headphone. It is built with bendable material that makes it flexible and ultra light weight. It is fitted with 3.5 mm stereo mini plug connector. It has an impedance of 32 ohm. It sports a sound pressure level of 114 dB. It has frequency response of 15 Hz to 27,000 Hz. It offers you great bass coupled with balanced sound performance. Its advanced technology reduces the surrounding noise so you can enjoy your favourite music undisturbed.

Flexible Design

Carry your sound system where ever you want. Engineered with an open supra-aural design which makes is portable and light. This design keeps the ear pads pressed against the ear rather than around it. It makes a comfortable fit so you can use it for long hours. The flip design of the headphone enables you to turn the headphone to 90 degrees. Just fold it up and store it in its hard case. The headphone case keeps the headphone safe and prevents the wire to get tangled up. The material used to build this over-ear headphone is rugged and sturdy so you can take anywhere you want. The 3.5 mm stereo cable is 1.4 m long which gives the headphone a comfortable distance from your music source. Get the Sennheiser PX 80 Over-Ear Headphone (Black/Silver) and enjoy your favourite music with vibrant sound and deeper bass.

Philips SHP1900/97 Over-Ear Stereo Headphones (Black) (Electronics)

Price: INR 549.00
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Key Specifications & Features:

So lightweight that you hardly feel them, Full sized earshells block the external noise, 98dB sensitivity/32ohm impedance, 20-20,000Hz frequency range, 500mW maximum power input

The special shape and luxurious materials used for the ear cushions ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort. They prevent audio leakage and enhance bass performance too. The ear cushions are shaped in such a way that they perfectly align with the area around a person’s ear.The ideal length of cable to give you more freedom of movement and to choose where you carry your audio device.The light weight material used for the headband

HP B4B09PA Headphones with Mic (Electronics)

Price: INR 590.00
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Key Specifications & Features:

Powerful bass and clear treble sounds, Wired connectivity, Ideal for long hours of listening, Superior sound quality and lengthy cable for easy of use, Compact and durable, The smart integrated in-cord remote facilitates easy audio control options, Additional Features: 35mm drivers, gold plated connectors, volume/mute control.

HP Headphones Overview?

With HP B4B09PA Over ear Headphones you get an instant high quality audio listening device that uses top of the line audio technology and provides you with an immersive listening experience. The headphones are designed to be comfortable even after hours of listening and are engineered using Hp’s 35mm headphone drivers. The headphones come in a very elegant design that gives you rich bass and fits perfectly on your ears. The built and construction of the device are premium and it has thick pads on the earmuffs that make for a comfortable and immersive listening experience. There is also a built in microphone on the device that helps you to connect via voice with other users on the internet. There are also several other features such as adjustable headbands, in cord remote functionality, etc. that make the HP B4B09PA the perfect listening device for you. The headphones also come with one year of warrant that can be availed from any of the company’s service centres.

?Audio Quality?

The HP B4B09PA deliver high quality audio and deliver it right to your ears with their powerful construction and comfortable fit. The headphones connect to your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone via a wired 3.5mm audio connector and also has in built noise cancelling capabilities. There is also a 1.5m connecting cable that make the headphones easy to use even while you are on the move. The headphones are capable of producing sounds between the frequency of 20-20,000Hz, ensuring that you do not miss out on the subtle musical sounds and notes in your music. You can use the headphones to listen to your favourite tracks, watch movies and TV shows, listen to content on the internet, watch your favourite videos, etc. The ear pads of the headphones are covered with thick soft cushioned pads and come with an adjustable head band that enables you to get a perfect fit for hours of comfortable audio experience.

?In Built Microphone?

The HP B4B09PA also comes with an in built microphone that adds much needed functionality and utility to your headphones. The microphone is built in and can be used by simply connecting the headphone to the microphone jack of your laptop, computer, etc. The microphone is adjustable and can be placed according to your needs and comfort. It features noise cancelling technology that reduces ambient noise and captures your voice clearly. You can use the in built microphone of the HP B4B09PA to place high quality voice calls over the internet, chat with others in online gamine, make hassle free video calls, etc. The microphone can also be used to record your voice and is very easy to use.

Intex Roaming Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Black) (Electronics)

Price: INR 472.16
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Key Specifications & Features:

Works only at Radio Frequency, Does not work with Bluetooth or Wifi, High sensitivity,Power cord not included, Interference resistance,Effective range over 8m, Bass speaker for great enjoyment,Hi-Fi for beautiful sound, For any troubleshooting steps,contact customer service number:1860 108 5555, 0124 – 4344444, It is not a Bluetooth/Wifi headset. It does not get connected to a mobile using Bluetooth or Wifi, Batteries not included with the headset

Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Switch to the Intex IT-HP904FM Over-Ear Headphones for a quality audio experience. The Roaming Headphones let you wirelessly stream your tracks and delivers utmost sound quality to thrill you greatly. Premium audio reproduction is featured by the Hi-Fi Technology. And, for effective amplification of low-sound frequencies, the IT Headphones are fitted with bass speakers letting you hear the best.

Impressive Audio

To ensure you do not miss out on any of the sounds when playing your favourite numbers, movies and videos, Intex Headphones support broad 20-20,000 Hz Frequency Range. Even the clarity and audio quality get boosted as IT- HP904FM Headphones feature Circumaural Design to minimize unwieldy ambience noise. Connect these Over-Ear Headphones to your PC and enjoy wireless internet chats with friends and family.

Ergonomic Design

Intex IT-HP904FM Over-Ear Headphones have soft-cushions that make these amply comfortable to wear. Further, light at just 481 gm, the Headphones are travel-conducive. Integrated with Volume Controller, you can adjust the loudness as per your preference and choice. Moreover, with Intex IT Earphones, you can transfer files seamlessly with different multimedia devices, such as, PC, MP3/VCD/DVD Player, TV and other audio devices via its audio-out. The invisible Microphone lets you attend incomings without hampering the fascinating Headphones look.

Philips Indoor SHP2000 Headphones (Black) (Electronics)

Price: INR 670.00
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Key Specifications & Features:

Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response, Easy adjustable headband ensures optimum fit and comfort, Lightweight headband enhances comfort and adds durability, The whole ear is covered to optimize sound quality, A 2 meter long cable that lets you put the player in your bag

Philips Indoor Headphones

Redragon Garuda H101 Gaming Headphones (Black/Red) (Electronics)

Price: INR 549.00

Key Specifications & Features:

Universal compatibility with almost any PC, Mac and mobile/tablet device, plus Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, Reinforced headband highly adjustable for perfect ?t, with sound volume control button, All-new, sleek, lightweight over-ear design with soft synthetic leather-wrapped ear-cups, LED indicators on the ear cups shows the working state clearly, High sensitivity microphone, Supports stereo sound with good quality bass and high pitch, Individual volume and vibrate buttons, 2 meter braided brush ?nished cable with 3 universal 3.5mm plug audio jack, Use the high-sensitivity adjustable boom mic for in-game and online chat and then remove it when listening to music and watching movies, 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY

Redragon was started in 2012 from an existing gaming hardware OEM that opened in 1996. Our research and development team consists of experts in modeling, structure design, electronics, user interface and software. Our 215,000 square foot factory is independently owned and is both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. The headset comes with a high precision 50mm magnetic neodymium driver to deliver the high-fidelity audio and ensure excellent clarity through the entire frequency range. Gamers will feel more close to the action thanks to the high impact vibration feature. Fully adjustable padded headband ensures perfect fit with different head sizes (suitable for both adults and kids) and wearing comfort in long time gaming. The breathable memory foam ear cushion will help to dissipate pressure and heat after long time wearing and blocks all ambient noises to ensure full concentration of gamers. The microphone can be freely positioned to pick up your voice or keep silent when you do not want to be heard. Mic mute key and in line volume control are attached to the braided cable at you hand for quick operation.

Panasonic RP-HT161E-K Over-Ear Headphone (Black) (Personal Computers)

Price: INR 765.00
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Key Specifications & Features:

Full size, closed type monitor headphones, 30mm driver units, Larger soft ear pads for comfort listening, Frequency response 10Hz-27kHz

Retro Styled Headphones

Panasonic is a brand synonymous with quality electronics and they have carved a niche for themselves in the world of audio peripherals with a range of durable and versatile headphones. The Panasonic RP-HT161E-K is one of the latest additions to their range. These are retro styled over-the-ear headphones that feature an all black look. They offer a soft and comfortable fit, making it an ideal all day wearing choice. If you are a professional working in a studio, then comfort matters a lot and the Panasonic RP-HT161E-K over-ear headphones are a good choice.

Impressive Sound Isolation

The comfortable fit that these Panasonic over-the-ear headphones provide also creates a snug and tight seal over the ears that helps isolate music and eliminate external sound. So, even if you listening to music at the train station be rest assured that you will only hear the music. Sound quality in the Panasonic black over-ear headphones is excellent as it is powered by 30mm driver units and has a max power input of 1000mW. With an impedance of 32ohms to top it up, the sound quality is on par with many higher priced models. These neodymium magnet headphones offer complete value for money.

  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Type: Over-the-ear closed back headphones
  • Colour: Black
  • Wired/Wireless: Wired
  • Headset Frequency Response: 10Hz – 27000Hz
  • Impedance: 32ohms
  • Additional Features: Soft ear pads, closed back design
  • Sensitivity: 98dB/mW

Live Tech HP 20 Headphone Mic (Black) (Electronics)

Key Specifications & Features:

Hi-Definition Stereo Headphone With Mic, Extra Rich Bass, Premium Quality Material, Crystal Clear Sound, Microphone With Noise Cancellation Technology

Product Description High quality stereo headset with Mic, large ear cups with soft cushions for maximum comfort. From the Manufacturer Designed to Offer Supreme Comfort Music is not only a source of entertainment but a remedy to disturbed minds and soul. Music lovers worldwide love to listen to their favorite music during travelling, relaxing, gym workout etc. If you are an extreme music lover, then LIVE TECH HP 20 is the best choice for you. Live Tech HP 20 brings wide array of headphones that are intelligently designed to offer optimum comfort and best sound reproduction that is simply pleasing to the ears. You can enjoy extra bass with Live Tech HP 20 Headset Over-Ear Headphone, which has 20Hz to 20,000Hz headphone frequency response. Its large soft cushion ear cups are designed so as to provide comfort and relaxation. Best-in-Class Performance Live Tech HP 20 over the Ear Headphones with Mic are best in class and performance. These budget headphones with mic can be used with various devices like FM radio, MP3 player, DVD player, laptop, PC, and music systems, these headphones deliver crystal-clear sound output. The microphone is useful for internet multi-player gaming over internet, voice chat, language training, video conferencing, dictation and speech recognition etc. Fall in love with music with these stylishly design headphones. Type: Over-Ear Headphone with Mic Color: Black Impressive sound reproduction and enhanced bass response Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz Impedance: 32 Ohms Output Power: 80 mW

Panasonic Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HF100-K (Black) (Electronics)

Price: INR 929.00
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Key Specifications & Features:

Panasonic, Panasonic over-the-ear stereo headphones rp-hf100-k (black)

Color: black panasonic over-the-ear stereo headphones rp-hf100-k (black) travel-fold design, matt finish. Dual 30mm neodymium drivers deliver rich bass and natural treble (10hz-23khz frequency response).

We hope our list of Top 10 Best Headphones Under 1000 rupees in India must have helped you in finding one of the best headphones for yourself or for your loved ones. If you like this article, please do share with your friends too and Enjoy the Music!

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