Best Humidifiers In India 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

You need to find the best humidifier to get bacteria, germ-free air at home. Here’s our list of top 10 best humidifiers in India reviews and the buying guide.

We all love winter but when it’s at the peak in December and January, we start feeling dryness in the skin, chapped peeling lips, cough and flu due to the cold and fidged weather. One of the best ways you can deal with all these problems is having a humidifier installed in your room or in your office. The humidity level should be between 40% to 60%, if it is below or above this level, it can lead to several health-related issues.

You need to have a cold or warm mist humidifier installed in your home or office depending on your requirement. Though the market is flooded with many different options, it sometimes looks good from outside. But, when you start looking for the best humidifier in India for your home or office, it may get a bit tricky. You don’t need to worry here, we will show you the best humidifiers that you can currently buy in India.

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Why our list of best humidifiers in India?

  • Our list of best humidifiers in India is not just based on our own opinions and user reviews but they are only picked on the basis of their sales number, yes you git it, these are also the best-selling humidifiers online in India.
  • What it means of being the bestseller humidifiers is there are hundreds and thousands of people in India have already purchased and using these humidifiers. There are tried and tested and thus you can also choose any of this.
  • When you choose to buy one of the best humidifiers listed here, you actually buy the best quality humidifier and also you will get the best value for your money. So go ahead and choose the best humidifier that India trusts.

It might not be that difficult for you to make the decision that you should have a humidifier at your home or not, though choosing the best from the available option might be a bit difficult. That’s the reason we have given a quick buying guide, buying the best humidifier in India, that will help you choose one of the best humidifiers from the currently available options in India as per your needs and requirements.

Top 10 Best Humidifiers In India For Home/Office 2021

Here’s our list of top 10 best humidifiers In India in 2021 for your home and office. We keep updating the list here on a regular basis so here you will always get the best and latest humidifiers currently available in the Indian market. We suggest bookmarking this page so that you can come back here at any time when you need to buy a humidifier for your home/office. For now, check our hand-picked list below.

Sale: 50% OffBestseller No. 1
Dr Recommends Humidifier For Cold And Cough, Easy Top Fill Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier For Room, Essential Oil Diffuser for Baby Bedroom With Night Light (Top Fill 3.5 Black)
  • 3.5 Litre Large Capacity & Top Fill Design & Up to 30 Hrs Working: Dr Recommends Ultrasonic Air Humidifier has a 3.5L large water tank, which means you can enjoy fresh mist at least 30 hours with low mist mode, and do no need to worry adding water at night. Top fill water design is so convenient for you to add water.
  • Cool Mist & 3 Levels Optional & 10-30 m²/107-322 ft² Room: Dr Recommends cool mist humidifier provides 3 levels mist ( Low/Medium/High) that you can choose, suitable for 10-30 m²/107-322 ft² room, such as office, bedroom, baby room, living room.
  • Essential Oil Humidifier & 4 Time Settings & 7-Color Night Light : You can add essential oil in the aromatherapy box on the back and then enjoy aroma and keep relax (But please do not add essential oil in the water tank). This bedroom humidifier has 4 time setting function (2/4/6/8 H) and 7-colors night light. Simple click "TIME/LIGHT" button to choose time setting and long press to choose lights.
Sale: 70% OffBestseller No. 2
AGARO VERGE 2.5 Ltr Adult/Baby Humidifier for Home, Bedroom & Office, With Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Covers up to 22 sq meters room area
  • 2.5 litres water tank
  • ABS + PP durable material
Sale: 44% OffBestseller No. 3
Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Home Office Adults and Baby Bedroom (2.4 L)
  • Improve air condition: this cool mist ultrasonic humidifier could prevent dry or chapped skin, stuffy air, flu germs in dry conditions. Humidify the air, breathe easier, and relieve cough and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies, and flu
  • Essential oil and any other oils are not recommended to use in humidifier as these are made of abs grade plastic to ensure hygienic mist generation that may react with essential oils (like Citrus oils) to diffuse harmful and reactive mist. If you're looking to have humidification and aroma diffuser in one unit, try our range of 2-in-1 ultrasonic diffusers and humidifiers that are made without bpa plastic and are safe to use essential oils and other aroma and maintaining humidity in the interiors
  • Germproof water tank: covered with antimicrobial coating, the water tank of this humidifier will prevent the growth of mold and mildew and provides clean cool mist Adjustable mist spray and auto shut-off: the mist output can be adjusted at random while the highest mist capacity is 380ml/h. It will be shut off automatically when out of water or at low water level for protection
Sale: 50% OffBestseller No. 4
PRV ENTERPRISE® MJ-01 Sterilization Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Air Humidifier with Led Night Light Colorful for Car, Office, Babies, air humidifiers for Room For Home
  • ★Perfect for all places and people - Perfect fragrance diffuser and humidifier for any small area like room humidifier , such as cars, work benches, bedrooms, pet rooms, etc. The perfect high-tech gift concept makes everyone like it.
  • ★ Cool Mist & Whisper Quite - Adopted with advanced ultrasonic technology, Ionize essential water into the air to keep the air moist, Moisturizing the skin, and reducing radiation. A super quiet atmosphere can provide you a calm and comfortable sleeping night with warm light.
  • ★Ultrasonic Operation and Ultra-silence Design: This cool mist humidifier create your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones. and perfect for humidifier for babies and humidity controller for room
Sale: 55% OffBestseller No. 5
JV enterprise Magic Wooden Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Diffuse Aroma Air Humidifier with Led Night Light Colorful Change for Car, Office, Babies, for home, air humidifier for room (multi)
  • Simple operation: Intelligent one-click touch sensitive switch.
  • Oil Diffuser Air Purifier Portable Grain 130ml Touch Sensitive 6 Color LED Lights Changing for Home, Office, Baby Room, Bedroom
  • Modern and simplistic design to match your room decor, 4 in 1 multi-function aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, air purifier, and 7 LED night light. A perfect nightlight for a kid's bedroom and mood light for creating romantic atmosphere.
Sale: 38% OffBestseller No. 6
Dr Recommends Humidifier For Cold And Cough, Easy Top Fill 4L Large Capacity Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier For Room, Baby, Plants, Bedroom With Night Light Optional Feature (Black, Medium)
  • Do Not Add Aroma Oils In The Humidifier
  • Choose Between High/Medium/Low Mist Mode- Press The Power Button One time, Blue Light Blinks Means Maximum Mist Output. Press The Power Button Second Time, Green Light Blinks Means Medium Mist Mode. Press The Power Button Third Time, Orange Light Blinks Thus Low Mist Mode.
  • 4 Litre Large Capacity, Top Fill Design & Up to 20 Hrs Working: Dr Recommends Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier has a 4 Litre Large Water Tank, Which Means You Can Enjoy Fresh Mist At Least 20 Hours With Low Mist Mode, And Do Not Need To Worry About Frequent Refills. Top Fill Water Design Is So Convenient For You To Add Water And Very Easy To Clean With Wide Opening.
Sale: 49% OffBestseller No. 7
Lifelong 3.5 Litre Top Fill Room Humidifier for Home, Bedroom and Office with Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser and 7 colors mood light
  • 3.5L Large Capacity: The humidifier has a 3.5 L tank that helps you enjoy fresh mist up to 30 hours The top fill water design and water level window make the operation very simple and convenient
  • 3 Levels Mist: 3 levels mist ( Low/Medium/High) that you can choose, suitable for 10-30 m²/107-322 ft² room, such as office, bedroom, baby room, living room.
  • Timer and Light Mode: The humidifier has 4 time setting function (2/4/6/8 H) and 7-colors night light. Simple click "TIME/LIGHT" button to choose time setting and long press to choose lights
Sale: 48% OffBestseller No. 8
WIDEWINGS 2 in 1 Moon Lamp Cool Humidifier 3D LED Night Light Humidifiers For Home, humidifiers for home (Planet_Humidifier)
  • [Planet Shaped Design]---This Moon Diffuser has a planet shape in the galaxy which has a space concept. It is made of ABS, PP and silicone materials with distinctive moon shape design.
  • [Two in One Application]---Besides the LED light, this product can also be used as a personal Mist Humidifier.
  • [2 Spraying Modes]---Continuous spraying mode and intermittent spraying mode.
Sale: 48% OffBestseller No. 9
Dr Recommends Humidifier With 6 Litre Large Capacity, Easy Top Fill Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier For Room, Essential Oil Diffuser for Baby Bedroom (Large,White)
  • 6 Litre Large Capacity & Super Easy Top Fill Design : Dr Recommends Ultrasonic Air Humidifier has a big 6 Litre large water tank, which means you can enjoy fresh mist at least 40 hours with low mist mode, and do no need to worry adding water at night. Top fill water design is so convenient for you to add water.
  • HELPS PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCE:Cough And Cold Sinusitis, Dry Skin, Dryness In The Throat Or Airways, Irritated Eyes, Allergies, Frequent Coughs, Sinus Headaches, Cracked Lips.
  • Easy Knob Control - Our Humidifier comes with easy knob regulator to choose the mist output you need.
Sale: 40% OffBestseller No. 10
Easymart Magic Diamond Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Air Purifier | Humidifiers for Home (Blue)
  • ★COLORFUL NIGHT LIGHT - The diffuser has 7 colored LEDs for a beautiful, soothing atmosphere or the use as night light
  • ★ANION FUNCTION - Air negative ions can restore from atmospheric pollutants, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes and other active oxygen, oxygen free radical, reduce excessive reactive oxygen species to the harm of human body; The air is cleared after the neutralization of the positive electric air
  • ★TIMING FUNCTIONS - Intelligent anti-dry, 4 hours automatic power, safe and reliable; Timing function is more reassuring

These were our handpicked list of 10 best humidifiers in India that you can currently buy. As these humidifiers are trusted by so many users in India, you can also buy any of these. And in case if you want more options, just search here. You will get the curated list of more humidifiers that are best after these 10 that we have picked, you can compare them with the pricing and then you can make your buying decision.

Quick Guide Buying The Best Humidifiers In India

You have already checked our list of best humidifiers above, you can choose any of them as they are the bestsellers online. Still, if you are facing difficulty in picking the one for your home. Here’s our humidifier buying guide that will help you in your decision.

Size of Room

You should buy a humidifier that best fits the requirements of your room and thus it’s very important to consider the size of your room for which you are buying a humidifier. If it is of low capacity as compared with your room size, it might not be that effective. The logic here is that the humidifier size is directly related to the room sie.

Noise Interference

Most of the humidifiers work quietly but there are some low-quality models that make a weird noise when it is switched on. This noise can be really irritating, especially during the night. You need to consider this point really seriously and avoid such machines if you want to have a sound sleep with the humidifier switched on.

Water Tank Capacity

This is the most important thing that you should consider when buying one of the best humidifiers in India. The water tank is the most important part of the humidifier, if you purchase a humidifier having smaller water tank capacity, you may need to fill it many times in a day. Thus consider the water tank capacity as per your requirements.

Smart Features

Though most of the humidifiers work in the same way, there are some high-end models that come with some of the smart features. Option for setting the timer and auto on-off are some of the features that you should definitely look for. Also, you can check if it has the humidistat that will turn on and off automatically as per the humidity level in the room.

Price, Brand & Warranty

Now that we have covered all the points that are more important, one last thing that you should consider is the price, brand, and warranty. These are the interrelated things, you might need to pay a bit more for a brand but you will get better quality and performance. With popular brands, you will also get a warranty and after-sale support.

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Buying Humidifiers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions that most of the users have when they go for buying one of the best humidifiers in India for their home or office. The answers to these questions may help you in making an informed decision.

Which is the best humidifier for home/office in India?

There are different humidifier models from different brands in India and considering everyone’s requirement it’s very difficult to pick a single best, thus we have given above the list of top 10 best humidifiers for home/office in India that you can check.

Are humidifiers safe for babies?

Generally, the cool mist humidifiers are considered to be safe to use for kids as it increases the moisture level and also it helps in cooling the room so that the kid can have the sound sleep. Consult a pediatrician if you face any problem or if you have a query.

How often it requires to clean the humidifier?

If you use the humidifier daily in your home or office, it is recommended that you should clean it at least once a week. Cleaning regularly will help your family members breathe fresh and pure air that doesn’t contain any mold, dust particles and bacteria.

How often it requires to change the water in the humidifier?

You should change the water on a daily basis. Even if you have not used the humidifier previous day, you should still change the water in it. It will help you keep your family members healthy. Only add cold or room temperature water in the humidifier.

Does a humidifier help to relieve asthma?

Yes, the humidifier could be really helpful for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems. Doctors also recommend placing a humidifier in a room and offices. Humidifiers help remove the bacteria and other dust particles from the atmosphere.

How much power does a humidifier consume?

When compared with the other related electric appliances such as air purifier or dehumidifiers, the humidifiers consume less electricity, again it depends on your usages. Though it’s completely an electric appliance, it consumes less electricity.

Which humidifier is best – warm mist or cool mist?

It actually depends on your requirements and the humidity level in your room or office. Cool mist humidifiers are best for indoors that is a bit warm or hot and if your indoors have a cool atmosphere then warm mist humidifiers will be the best.

Is it safe to buy a humidifier online in India?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy a humidifier online from trusted online stores. You will get an option to replace it if you get a faulty humidifier. The most important thing here is, you will get more options and better pricing as compared with an offline store.


Now that we have come to our list of top 10 best humidifiers in India that only features the current bestselling models, you can easily pick the one that best matches your requirement. If you have a bit more time, we suggest researching a bit yourself so that you can get more information about the benefit and working of the humidifier and also you can choose the best for your home and office from the available options in the market, our quick buying guide and FAQs given above will come handy.

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