Best i5 Laptops In India 2020 (Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best i5 Laptops In India [year] (Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide) 1

Looking for i5 powered laptop in India? Here’s our list of top 10 best i5 laptops in India for regular use, check our reviews along with the buying guide.

In case if you are planning to buy a decent laptop for regular day to day usage, you should get a laptop with Intel i5 Processor. Intel i5 is a decent processor capable of medium usage. You can use it for daily work, also, you can play medium graphics-intensive games or you can also use medium-heavy software on a laptop having i5 Processor. Though Intel Core i5 is a good processor, for even better performance (if gaming is your priority or if you run heavy applications) you can choose i7 Laptops or i9 Laptops.

Laptops these days have become the necessity, we can not imagine our life without a laptop (or any other computing devices). Even outside the corporate world, a laptop has many other usages, from entertainment to gaming to web browsing to other daily tasks. Companies understand the requirement of people and thus they have different models suited for different types of usages in a different budget category. You can easily get a laptop as per your needs and requirements.

Choosing one of the best laptops could be confusing as well as tedious, especially if you are buying it for the first time. Here we have got the 10 best i5 laptops in India, you can buy any of these laptops. These laptops have enough computing power for all your daily usages. Also, at the end of this article, we have given you the “i5 Laptop buying guide“, it will really help you in choosing one of the best i5 laptops as per your requirement.

Why our list of best i5 laptops in India?

  • We have taken the utmost care to bring you our list of best i5 laptops in India. Our list is not just based on personal opinions or user reviews but they are directly linked with the number of sales, they are bestsellers online in India.
  • Buying a bestselling i5 laptop gives you confidence and surety that the laptop will perform at its best throughout its lifetime. These laptops are battle-tested. Hundreds of people like you and I are happily using these laptops in India.
  • When you buy the best i5 laptop listed here, you actually buy an i5 laptop that gives you the best quality performance and also you get the best value for your money. So, go ahead and choose the best i5 laptop that India trusts.

The Intel Core i5 powers millions of computers and laptops in the world and is one of the most popular computer processors. Though Intel i5 is meant for above-average performance and thus it is even capable of playing medium graphic-intensive games. If you are tight with your budget and want to go a step-down, you can also choose i3 laptops as well. Here, in this post, we will talk about the best i5 laptops in India.

Top 10 Best i5 Laptops in India 2020

Here’s our list of top 10 best i5 laptops in India that you can currently buy. Also, as we keep updating the list on a regular basis, here you will always find the best and latest i5 laptop available in the market currently. You can bookmark this page and come back any time when you plan to buy one of the best i5 laptops in India.

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These were our pick for the best i5 laptops in India that you can currently buy. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go to the market and check all the laptops, you can buy any of the i5 laptops listed above. But in case if you want more options to compare before you make your decision, just search here, you will get more list of the best i5 laptop in India, which you can compare and buy the one that best suits you.

Buying Guide – Choosing The Best i5 Laptop

The processor is not the only thing that you should look at while buying a laptop. Although the i5 processor is more than enough for regular use, there are other important things as well which you should consider while choosing the best i5 laptop.

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So, if you have decided to buy an i5 laptop but not abl to choose which particular machine you should buy. Don’t worry, here’s the quick guide that explains what else you should be looking for apart from the processor when buying the best laptops in India.

1. Processor Generation

You will get a laptop having an i5 processor of a different generation. The older generation processor may not be that fast and efficient. So, if your budget allows always, go with the latest generation i5 processor. Buying the latest models (having the latest processor) means you can use the laptop for a longer period of time without getting your laptop slow.

2. RAM & Storage

RAM is good for multi-tasking, more the RAM, you can run more applications smoothly. If your budget allows, go for at least 8GB of RAM, you will not face any lagging while using multiple applications. Although, if you just a casual user and use your laptop of basic things, even 4GB of RAM will do the job. Storage is where you store all your files, choose a model that has more storage (HDD or SSD) so that you won’t run out of space.

3. Form Factor

Do check the form factor as well built quality, laptops are meant for portability. You will be carrying your laptop along with you, so make sure it’s lightweight so that you can carry it easily. If you are more into media consumption, go with a larger screen size. A laptop is not something we buy casually, so do check the built quality as well.

4. Graphics

Having a built-in graphics card helps you use graphics-intensive applications smoothly. Intel i5 is a very good processor but without a graphics card, it won’t be able to perform at its best. If you would like to play medium to heavy games or if you want to use the more graphics-heavy application, do not forget to check if the laptop has a built-in graphics card.

5. Brand

Prefer the best laptop brands in India while buying a laptop. You are buying a decent configuration laptop and spending your hard-earned money so you will definitely want your laptop to last longer. The best laptop brands, not only provide a better quality product but they also provide the best after-sale service and supports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We thought of answering the most common and frequently asked questions to further help you in choosing one of the best Intel Core i5 laptops. We have taken these questions from various communities on the internet.

How good is the Intel Core i5 Processor?

The Intel Core i5 is a decent processor, for regular works you won’t be disappointed. If we compare it with the other Intel processors, it’s a much faster processor than that of Intel Core i3 but if you want more speed and if your requirement is for gaming, you should go with the higher versions i.e. Intel Core i7 or an Intel Core i9 processor.

Are laptops with Intel Core i5 processor good for students?

Yes, for students as well as office going individuals, i5 powered laptop is enough. You can easily do all your daily computing, also you can enjoy movies and a little bit of editing, etc. But if you want to use some heavy graphics applications such as CAD then you may start facing the lags, again it depends on the graphics card as well.

Is Intel Core i5 processor good for gaming?

Though Intel Core i5 processor is capable of playing some medium graphics games; but it’s actually not made for gaming. If gaming is your priority and if you can spend a bit more, we will suggest either i7 or even better i9 processor.

Does Intel i5 Processors support 8GB or 16GB of RAM?

Yes, Intel i5 supports these RAM capacities. In most of the cases, RAM is controlled and restricted by the motherboard or the operating system. For most of the users, an 8GB RAM will be sufficient. If you want even better performance, we suggest you, to upgrade the processor as well along with the RAM.

Which OS (Operating System) is the best recommended for i5 laptops?

We recommend the latest version of the Windows operating system. Most of the laptops listed here will have Windows 10 OS pre-installed. But if you are comfortable you can install any other OS as well as per your needs and requirements.


Buying a decent laptop won’t be any difficulty if you follow some of the tips given above. Although we always suggest you, to buy a laptop that many people have already bought and used. So that you get the tried and tested laptop having good configuration and built quality. We have already listed above the top 10 best i5 laptops in India.