Best Kadai (Kadhai) in India 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Kadai (Kadhai) which is also known as Kadahi or Karahi or Deep-Fry Pan is very common in Indian kitchens. In case if you are planning to buy one, here are the top 10 best Kadai in India, their reviews along with a quick buying guide.

The shape of the Kadai is something similar to woks, it has got the round shape and a rounded bottom and has got 2 handles on both sides. Though Kadai has very popular in India, It is also liked worldwide.

Traditionally in India, the Kadai was made up of iron, and later it got made up of different materials. Now you can see a Kadai made up in different shapes and of different materials. Also, you will find some of the Kadai, that will have a single handle as well or even handle-less. You will also find some Kadai that you can use on the both gas stove and Induction Cooktops so do check if you want to use on Induction.

You can easily find lots of Kadai from different brands in India available in the market and also you can find Kadai made from different types of materials. Having lots of options may confuse you as a buyer but you don’t need to worry, we have done all the research for you. In this post, we have brought you the top 10 best Kadai in India that you can buy currently. Do check our Kitchen Accessories category for more such lists.

Why our list of best Kadai in India?

  • Our list of top 10 best Kadai in India is not just based on our own opinions or on user reviews but in fact, the list is based on their sales number. yes, you got it right, these are also the best-selling Kadai online in India.
  • The good thing about buying a bestseller Kadai in India is that you buy a Kadai that is tried and battle-tested. There are hundreds and thousands of people that have purchased one of these Kadai and using happily in their kitchen.
  • When you buy one of the Kadai from our list of top 10 best Kadai in India, you not only buy one of the best quality Kadai but also you will get the best value for your money. So, just go ahead and choose one of the Kadai that India trusts.

There are a few tips that you should consider when buying a Kadai and that is the size of the Kadai i.e. choose a Kadai that is suitable for your family size and then the material used in the Kadai. We have list one of the sizes of the Kadai that will be good for 2-3 people but if you are planning to buy a smaller one or a bigger one, you can find the different sizes in the same model so you can check the sizes available.

Top 10 Best Kadai In India 2021

Here we go with our list of top 10 best Kadai in India that you can buy currently. Being the current best-selling Kadai online in the Indian market, you can go with any of these Kadai that best matches your family and kitchen requirements. You won’t be disappointed with any of these as there are thousands of people happily using one of these Kadai in their kitchen. Also, as we keep updating this list on a regular basis, here you will find the latest and best Kadai currently available in the Indian market.

Hawkins Futura Nonstick Deep-Fry Pan (Kadhai, Round Bottom) with Stainless Steel Lid, Capacity 2.5 Litre, Diameter 26 cm, Thickness 3.25 mm, Black (NK25S)

Futura Nonstick Deep-Fry Pans have a round bottom and two short handles. Which makes it an ideal Kadhai for deep frying. Also, the handles given alongside makes it very easy to use.

  • This particular model is of 2.5 Litre (26 cm) capacity, it also comes in bigger and smaller sizes. Also, it has got the steel lid that has a know at the top to place the lid on the Kadhai.
  • It has got the high-quality non-stick coating (made in Germany) which is locked firmly into the tough hard-anodized surface underneath. Its non-stick quality is really good.
  • Color: Black, Material: Non-Stick, Warranty: 2 Years.

Sale: 12% Off
Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Deep-Fry Pan (Flat Bottom) with Stainless Steel Lid, Capacity 3.75 Litre, Diameter 30 cm, Thickness 4.06 mm, Black (AD375S)

Futura Hard Anodised Deep-Fry Pans are distinguished by beautiful, elegant, and comfortable rosewood handles fixed on sturdy stainless steel brackets. It has got a flat bottom for stability and has curved sides suitable for deep-frying and stir-frying.

  • It is a flat bottom deep-fry pan that comes with a steel lid, it is also gas stovetop compatible, there is induction compatibility option as well. Also, it comes with and without the lid as well.
  • This particular model is of 3.75 Litre (30 cm) capacity, it also comes in other sizes as well that you can choose from.
  • Color: Black, Material: Hard-Anodized Aluminum, Warranty: 5 Years.

Sale: 16% Off
Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Kadai, 260mm, Black

Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite 5-layered non-stick cookware series is made using German Technology and it lasts longer than ordinary non-stick cookware. It’s specially coated surface looks new for a longer period of time. It has got an excellent quality and design.

  • Omega Deluxe Granite can be used on both gas and induction cook-tops. The capacity of this cookware is 3.25 litres, which is a perfect size and ideal for 2-4 members family.
  • Material: Non-stick Aluminium, Size: Kadai (260mm), Base type: Induction Base, Base thickness: 2.8mm, Colour: Black
  • It has got the superior non-stick surface that lasts a longer period of time and the Kadhai comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Sale: 33% Off
Vinod Platinum Triply Stainless Steel Kadai with Lid- 24 cm, 2.5 Ltr (Induction Friendly)

This Kadai brings the best to your kitchen. It is a stainless steel Kadhai that has got the integrated layer of aluminium right through, even at the bottom which helps in faster cooking and in efficient heat retention that helps to keep food warm for a long time.

  • This particular Kadhai is of 2.5 Litre (24cm) capacity, it comes in other size capacities as well, 1.8 Litre (22cm), 3.2 Litre (26cm) and even bigger sizes that you can choose from.
  • It has got the food-grade 18/8 stainless steel used in the inner surface for healthy cooking. 18/8 stainless steel is the most superior stainless steel which is rust free.
  • It has got another layer of aluminium right throughout the cookware to ensure even heat distribution. The magnetic stainless steel used as the 3rd layer, making this cookware induction friendly.
  • Its a Made in INDIA product that comes with 5 years of warranty.

Sale: 38% Off
Wonderchef Ebony Hard Anodized Aluminium Wok with Lid, 4.5 Litres/28cm, Black/Brown

Wonderchef Ebony Wok comes with a flat bottom for increased stability with deep curved and rounded sides ensures better heat retention and distribution. This Kadhai is ideal for deep fry, stir fry veggies, cook Indian as well as Chinese curry and gravies.

  • This Kadhai is of 28 cm (4.5 Litres) which is a perfect size for a family of 3-5 members and it comes with a good quality steel lid for easy handling, lids help retain the heat for a longer time.
  • The 60 micron anodized coating makes the Kadhai more durable, non-toxic, and non-reactive. It has got a thick 3.25 mm pure aluminum base, for even heat distribution.
  • This Kadhai can be used on both gas cooktop and on an induction cooktop. It has wooden handles for easy handling.
  • Color – Dark Grey, Material – Good Quality Virgin Aluminium with Anodized Coating, Warranty: 5 Years.

Sale: 46% Off
DYNAMIC COOKWARES Pre-Seasoned Induction Compatible 10 inch Premium Flat Base Cast Iron Kadai - Black

This is a cast iron Kadhai which is really good for healthy cooking. Unlike other cast iron Kadhai, this Kadhai has a concentric finish that better absorbs and retains the factory baked seasoning for years and the finishing of this Kadhai looks really beautiful.

  • This Kadhai has got a really heavy design (3.00Kg) for even heat distribution and effortless cooking. Also, it has got a very thick base to retain food nutrients and avoid burning of food.
  • The size of the Kadhai is 10 Inch which is good enough for small to medium family size. It has got the smooth cooking surface.
  • The cast iron cookware is naturally non-stick, though you may need to add a bit of oil for a smooth cooking experience. With proper care and usage,this Kadhai will last for many years.

Prestige Tri Ply Kadai 240 mm

Designed for perfection, the Prestige Induction Base Stainless Steel Kadai is an elegant addition to your kitchen that does more than just look good. It is strong and long-lasting and provides improved performance and the design also saves energy.

  • The capacity of this Kadai is 2.2 Litres (240mm). It has got 3 layer design which is strong and durable. It has got 3mm base thickness.
  • It is both gas and induction cooktop compatible, This Kadai can be used for both deep-frying and stir-frying.
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Size: Kadai (240mm), Base Type: Induction Base, Base Thickness: 3mm, Colour: Silver, Warranty: 10 Years.

Butterfly Cordial Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Kadai with Lid, 24cm, Black

Butterfly offers stylish cookware set for everyday use, featuring an elegant aesthetically-pleasing design of this Kadai, this Kadai is made for long-lasting durability. You can cook dishes from different types of cuisines with ease using this non-stick Kadai.

  • It has got the hard-anodized aluminium construction for fast, even heating throughout the entire pan. Also, it has got a good quality non-stick coating that will last longer.
  • The size of this Kadai is 24cm which is perfect for small to medium size family. It comes with a piece of good quality stainless steel lid which makes the cooking easier.
  • Color: Black, Material: Aluminium, Base: Induction Compatible, PFOA Free Coating, Warranty: 1 year on product.

Sale: 30% Off
The Indus Valley Natural Cookware Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 10 Inch Kadai/Kadhai - (Large,2.5L,Diameter :25 cm)

The Indus Valley Cast Iron Kadai makes it more non-stick, easy to clean and saves your time while cooking. With this, you will get all the nutrients of the food and all other health benefits.

  • The size of this Kadi is 10 Inches which is perfect for a family of 3-4. This Kadai will be a good addition to your kitchen set. This is made 100% Natural and chemical-free.
  • The cast iron Kadai are good for cooking as it has many health benefits but do note that it requires a bit of care and maintenance, read the user manual properly.
  • Cast Iron Kadai- Diameter 25 cm, Weight – 2.930 Kg. Good quality and sturdy built and design. A cast-iron Kadai, when used and maintained properly, can be used for many years.

Sale: 26% Off
Amazon Brand - Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Kadhai (25cm), Silver

Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Kadhai is a reliable and convenient cooking utensil for any kitchen. It is strong and durable, as it is made with 100% food-grade stainless steel material.

  • It is available in a high utility size with 25cm diameter and a depth of 7.8cm, perfect for 3-4 members family. It serves as optimum cooking, frying and serving tool for daily kitchen needs.
  • It is made with high-quality induction bottom that is also gas stove compatible, the kadhai is perfect for deep frying, stir-frying, cooking gravies and curries and also for serving purposes.
  • It has got a stable grip with double riveted ear handles which helps in easy handling.Also, you can clean this Kadai in dishwasher.

These were our list of 10 best Kadai that you can currently buy in India. We hope you will find one of these Kadai suitable for your kitchen needs. In case if you don’t find any of these suitable for you or if you want more options, just search here. You will get to see hundreds of more Kadai from different shapes, sizes, and materials. You can compare the specifications along with the pricing of those Kadai and also you can go through the user reviews before making your buying decision.

Quick Guide Buying The Best Kadhai in India

Choosing the right Kadai is very important for perfect cooking. Most people end up buying wrong Kadai and then they regret their decision and also they end up wasting their hard-earned money. In case if you are also not sure what all you should look for when buying the right Kadai for your kitchen, don’t worry, you can refer to our buying guide that will help you in choosing the best from the available options.

Size of the Kadai

The first and most important thing that you need to consider when buying a Kadai for your kitchen is the size of the Kadai. It’s very important or you may end up buying a Kadai that might not be of the size for your family requirements or maybe of oversize that does not make any sense, it will consume lots of space and the energy as well.

A 2.5 Litre Kadai will be good for a family having 2-3 members. If you have more members in your family, you may consider buying a Kadai of 4 Litres. Also, it depends on your requirements, if you are buying a Kadai for frying purpose, you can consider buying a small one of 1.5 Litre or so. Most of the Kadai that we have listed above come in different sizes so you can choose the one that matches your requirements.

Types of the Kadai (Material Used)

These days, you get Kadai made from different types of materials. Each of the types of materials used in the manufacturing of the Kadai has it’s own advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are some of the common types of Kadai you will get in the market, again you can choose the type of Kadai as per your needs.

Non-Stick Kadai

The non-stick Kadai is made from different types of materials and there is a non-stick coating on it. The non-stick cookware is very popular not only in India but worldwide. The non-stick is often used to refer to surfaces coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a well-known brand of which is Teflon. Having the non-stick coating on Kadai, you can cook food in very less oil and your food will not burn.

While buying a non-stick Kadai, always go with the best quality and best brand. Do not ever buy low quality non-stick cookware, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy expensive non-sick cookware, choose a different material but don’t compromise on the quality part. The low quality non-stick coating comes off very easily and that is not good for cooking the food, also that might not be good for your health as well.

The non-stick Kadai needs a bit of care to maintain the non-stick coating on it. You should always use the wooden or rubberized spatula when using a non-stick Kadai. Also for cleaning the Kadai, you need to use the soft scrubber. You should never cook on a very high flame in non-stick cookware, you will find all these details on the user manual as well. If you follow these things, your non-stick Kadai will last for many years.

Hard Anodized Kadai

Anodizing is an engineering process that is used to make the surface of the metal hard. This type of Kadai is also made from different types of metals (mostly aluminium) that go through the Anodizing process. The process makes the surface of the Kadai very hard which makes it a bit non-sticky.

Many brands these days market the hard-anodized Kadai as non-stick Kadai. It is not as non-stick as the one that has non-stick coating but yes, in this also, you can cook food in less oil. The hard anodized Kadai has recently got very popular and if believed some of the searches online, it is very popular after the non-stick Kadai.

Aluminium Kadai

We all have been using the aluminium Kadai in our kitchen. Aluminium is a very good conductor of heat and thus you will find many cookware that is made from this metal. Also, the aluminium is not that costing, so anyone can easily afford an aluminium Kadai or in fact, any other cookware made from aluminium.

Aluminium is not considered as a healthy option for cooking, still, it’s very popular, mainly because it’s affordable and its heat-conducting nature. Also, the above two types of Kadai uses the Aluminium coated with the non-stick material and takes through the anodizing process. Aluminium Kadai is very strong and sturdy as well.

Stainless Steel Kadai

The stainless steel Kadai is really getting popular these days, stainless steel is a very healthy cooking option. That’s the reason many people ditching the non-stick or aluminium Kadai and switching to the stainless steel options available. Though when you go for the stainless steel Kadai, make sure you buy the Kadai made from 100% stainless steel, or else there won’t be any benefit of using a stainless steel Kadai.

Kadai made from 100% stainless steel won’t come cheap especially when you compare it with the Aluminium Kadai. Also while cooking in the stainless steel Kadai, you need to use a bit more oil or else the food may get stick at the surface of the Kadai but if you can manage this, it’s really a great choice for healthy cooking.

Cast Iron Kadai

Traditionally we used to use the cookware made from iron in our cooking. Cooking in the iron pot has lots of health benefits as well. Though the cast iron Kadai needs a bit more care and maintenance and they don’t look as beautiful as the Kadai made from other metals. You can choose a cast iron Kadai if you are really a health freak.

There are other materials types as well which are used in the manufacturing of the Kadai but either they are not so popular or they are very costly. You will find most of the Kadai made from the above materials only, they are popular and they are affordable too. You can easily buy one of these Kadai in India.

Shape of The Kadai

Kadai comes in different shapes as well. Shapes might not be an important factor when buying other products but it plays a very important role when buying a Kadai. You should choose a rounded bottom Kadai if you are buying the Kadai for deep frying but do note that most of the Kadai that are Induction friendly will not have the perfect rounded bottom. Kadai with a flat bottom is also good as you can place it properly.

Even the handle types matters in buying a Kadai. Some will prefer the traditional two handle Kadai whereas some might prefer the modern single handle Kadai. Also, if you are buying the Kadai for multi-purpose use, do check the shape and other design elements as per your cooking requirements or you may regret later.

Build Quality

Kadai is one of those kitchen accessories that we use on a daily basis. The build quality is very important here, it will ensure that the Kadai will last for many years in your kitchen. Build quality is not just about the material used in the manufacturing of the Kadai but how the Kadai is made, its handle, its thickness, and many other things.

The right thickness of the Kadai is very important, if it is very thin, it may not last long, and also you may end up burning the food while cooking in that Kadai. Kadai that have heavy bottoms are really good for cooking. The handle should also be fitted properly so that it won’t come out easily in just a few months of its use.

Handle Quality, Type & Shape

Handles are an important part of the Kadai, we always use the handles to place the Kadai on the stove and also use it while taking away from the stove after we are done with the cooking. It’s not just how good the handles are fitted with the Kadai, you should also check the materials used in the handles of the Kadai.

Metal handles are not that good, you need to use some cloths to handle the Kadai while cooking but they are very durable at the same time. Handles of the Kadai is also of different shapes, some have rounded handles and some will have square shape handles, you should check what types of handles you are comfortable with.

Induction Cooktop Friendly

In case if you are going to use the Kadai on Induction Cooktop, you should buy a Kadai that is Induction Cooktop friendly. You will find many Kadai that you might not use on Induction Cooktop, also you may find some models best suited for Induction Cooktop only and might not be good for using on the gas stove or on an electric stove.

In case if you randomly use the Kadai on both gas stove cooktop as well as on the induction cooktop, you will find some of the models that you can use on both types of cooktops. Do note that, in case if you are not going to use the cookware on Induction Cooktop, do not buy induction friendly cookware, unnecessarily you will pay more.

Dishwasher Friendly

Lots of people use dishwashers to clean the used utensils but there is some cookware that you can not use in the dishwasher. Though the Kadai can be used in the dishwasher, it depends on the material of the Kadai. You can use the stainless steel Kadai and the aluminium Kadai in the dishwasher as well.

Most of the non-stick Kadai will not be dishwasher friendly, even the brands suggest not to use the non-stick Kadai in the dishwasher. If you do so, you may end up scratching the non-stick coating of the Kadai and then it will not be non-stick any more and it might have lots of health disadvantages as well, so choose the one for your needs.

Usability & Maintenance

Cooking becomes fun when we have the right set of cookware. As Kadai comes in different shapes and of different materials, some of them might be good for different types of purposes and others might be good for other purposes. The usability and maintenance of Kadai play an important role while making your decision.

The non-stick Kadai is very good for less oil cooking whereas the steel or aluminium Kadai will need more oil or else the food will get stick to the base of the Kadai. Also, the steel and iron Kadai needs a bit more in the maintenance, which might be a deciding factor. For usability, you can go with the non-stick or hard-anodized Kadai.

Kadai Brand Value

We always suggest buying good quality cookware from the best brands in India. Low-quality cookware from the cheap brands may affect your health as well. Also with low-quality brands, you can not be sure if you getting the same thing that you are buying. You can trust known brands in terms of the quality of the products.

Cheaper brands use a low quality non-stick coating that might be injurious to health as well. So if you are planning to buy a non-stick Kadai, invest a bit more and buy it from the trusted brand only. Whatever the material of Kadai you buy, stick to the trusted brands only. You will get the best quality materials and overall best quality Kadai.

Price & Warranty

The last thing that’s one of the most important deciding factors is the pricing. When you choose the best brands and best materials, you need to pay a bit more but we suggest you do so. Do note, you are not going to buy Kadai very often, it’s the investment for years, calculate the per cost, you will find it cheaper. Do not go with those low-quality Kadai from the cheap brands, that’s not good for health as well.

Also, when you buy a Kadai from one of the top brands in India, You not only get the best quality Kadai but also you will get the warranty as well. You can use the Kadai for many years without any worry. On Kadai, you will get 2 years to 5 years of warranty, some models even come with longer, 10 years of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) When Buying A Kadai

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked about buying a Kadai. We have seen lots of people asking these questions on different questions. We thought to compile all those questions and answer them here to help you and all our other users making the right decision when buying a Kadai for their kitchen. You can go through these questions and their answers, it will help you clear all your confusion.

How to choose the right Kadai?

We have discussed this in detail, in our buying guide above. The two important things that you need to be sure are the size of the Kadai, choose a Kadai that is fit for your family requirements and the second thing is the material used in the Kadai.

Which is the best Kadai in India?

Kadai comes in different shapes, sizes and of different materials, also different people have different types of requirements. Though it’s not practically possible to pick a single Kadai, you can check our list of top 10 best Kadai in India given above.

Which are the best Kadai brand in India?

There are so many good Kadai brands in India that you can choose from, also it depends on the types of Kadai you want to buy. Hawkins, Prestige, Vinod, Wonderchef, and Butterfly are some of the brands you can trust when buying good quality Kadai.

Which material is good for Kadai?

The stainless steel and cast iron Kadai are very good if you can handle them properly. If you want to cook in less oil, you can go with Non-Stick Kadai or Hard Anodized Kadai. The Aluminium Kadai are also popular so you can check too.

Is cast iron Kadai good for health?

Yes, the cast iron Kadai is good for healthy cooking, the cast iron cooking pots have lots of health benefits and it’s not harmful as well but they require a lot of caring and maintenance. Also, it is not advised to cook green vegetables in the iron Kadai.

Is non-stick Kadai unhealthy for cooking?

Not at all, If that is unhealthy, why they are being sold. The low quality non-stick coating is actually bad and thus you should always buy a good quality non-stick Kadai. Also never cook at the high flame in the non-stick cookware and always use wooden or rubberized spatulas with the non-stick Kadai, you are good to go with that.

Which Kadai is best for deep frying?

For deep frying, you should choose a Kadai that has rounded bottom. If you buy a Kadai that has a flat bottom, you need to pour lots of oil when you need to deep fry. We have included some of the Kadai on our list that is suitable for deep frying.

What is the best size of the Kadai?

The best size of the Kadai actually depends on your actual requirements. If you have 2-3 members in your family, you can choose a 2.5 Litre Kadai. For more members you can choose bigger models like 3 or 4 Litre Kadai, you get the smaller one as well.

Which Kadai is best for less oil cooking?

If you are someone who prefers less oil cooking, you can go with the non-stick Kadai. With a non-stick Kadai, you can cook foods with very little oil in it. The second option for you will be the hard Anodized Kadai, you can use less oil in your cooking.

How to take care of non-stick Kadai?

A good quality non-stick Kadai does not come cheap and thus you need to take care of it to extend its life. Do not cook on very high flames in a non-stick Kadai, use a wooden or rubberized spatula, and always use a soft scrubber to clean your non-stick Kadai.

Which is best for health stainless steel Kadai or iron Kadai?

If we talk about the health benefits both the stainless steel Kadai and the iron Kadai are good, provided you buy the 100% stainless steel or 100% iron Kadai. For many, it might not be that easy to cook in these Kadai compared to the non-stick models.

Is it safe and ok to buy a Kadai online in India?

Yes, it’s completely safe and ok to buy a Kadai online in India but you need to buy it from a trusted online store. When you go online, you will get lots of options that you may not find in your local store and you may get better pricing as well.


Kadai plays a very important role while cooking especially in the Indian kitchens. With the help of the Kadai, you can cook vegetables, curry and also you can use it for deep frying. But, what’s more important here is the right Kadai you should have in your kitchen. If you are planning to buy a Kadai, you can choose one from our list of top 10 best Kadai in India given above and bring home the best Kadai in your kitchen.

We have only listed the best-selling models that thousands of people using in their kitchen, so you choose them without any worry but do not forget to check the right size for your requirements. Now that we have come to the end of this guide and our list of best Kadai that you can buy in India, we hope you have got all the information that will help you in making the right decision when buying a Kadai for your kitchen.

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