Top 5 Best Laptop Brands In India In 2024

Laptops are not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity in today’s life. Smartphones and laptops have changed the way we are using technology in 2024. In this post, we will see the top 5 best laptop brands in India and worldwide that you can choose currently.

Top 5 Best Laptop Brands In India

We can not imagine our life without these gadgets. Having so many laptop brands in the market, it’s really confusing to decide which brand is the best. That’s the reason we are bringing this post to you. Here we have made the list of top 5 best laptop brands worldwide and as well as in India. These are the most popular laptop brands.

None of these companies are actually Indian but they do sell their products in India. All of the top 5 best laptop brands listed here are also in the top 5 lists worldwide. The list is based on the popularity of these laptop brands and their sales numbers.

To make this list, we have taken the help of online data available along with the customer’s reviews on online stores. The list is solely based on our own knowledge and research. All of these 5 laptop brands are equally good in terms of their offerings. You can choose any of these 5 best laptop brands, you will get the best quality product, excellent performance, top-notch design, and ultimate aster sale service and customer support.

Best Laptop Brands In India In 2024

Here we have our list of the top 5 best and reputed laptop brands in India (the list is the same worldwide too) and we will also tell you why you should choose them. So, let’s go ahead and see which companies are on our list of “best laptop brands in India in 2024“.

#1. HP

Top 10 Best HP laptops In India

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is an American multinational IT company founded in 1947. They are indeed one of the world’s largest companies in electronics and computers. HP is one of the oldest laptop and computer brands still available in the market. HP has become a respected name in the laptop and desktop industry in recent years.

HP tops the chart in our list of top 5 best laptop brands in India and worldwide. And, that’s not just without the reason. HP offers excellent hardware quality and thus HP machines last longer and gives the best performance. One friend of mine still using an HP laptop that was bought by his father 7 years ago and it still is at its best.

HP also manufactures various PC components and accessories like servers, printers, storage options, mouse, keyboards, etc. They have a deep presence in the Indian market, you can easily find HP laptops in smaller cities in India. HP’s premium lineup is equipped with the latest hardware and an impressively slim profile. HP’s Spectre series is worth mentioning here. They are also great in after-sale service and support.

You can choose an HP laptop for its excellent build quality, wide range of offerings, top-notch performance, and great customer support. If you want to buy an HP laptop, do check out the HP offers on Amazon, here’s our list of Top 10 Best HP Laptops.

#2. Dell

Top 10 Best Dell laptops In India

Dell is an American company that sells laptops, computers, data storage, servers, and computer peripherals. They have recently begun dominating the Indian market in the computing industry. Dell has a good reputation in the world as well as in the Indian market because of its product quality, features, after-sale services, and support.

Dell has a wide range of offerings in the market. Their laptops are good in terms of quality, configuration, and average in pricing. It is just like almost any other machine in the market. You should not expect great hardware and design unless you buy their premium models. Their basic models are average looking but priced competitively in the Indian market.

Dell offers a different series of laptops in the market, you can easily get a laptop as per your requirements and configurations. Some of their popular laptop series are Inspiron (day-to-day use), XPS (premium, slim design), Vostro (for business use), and Alienware (for gaming).

You can choose a Dell laptop for its sturdy build quality, good configuration, top-notch performance, and great customer support. If you want to buy a Dell laptop, do check out the Dell offers on Amazon, here’s our list of Top 10 Best Dell Laptops.

#3. Lenovo

Top 10 Best Lenovo laptops In India

Lenovo is a Chinese computer brand. They are indeed the most popular laptop brand in the Indian market. Apart from laptops and computers, they also manufacture smartphones and tablets. Lenovo is a good brand when it comes to design and market value. They sell a huge range of notebooks at various prices in the Indian market.

Their budget laptops are best suited for day-to-day usage and provide great value and performance in a single package. Their innovative 2-in-1 laptops can be used as a laptop and as well as a tablet. These laptops have the same computing power, software compatibility, and all the features of a laptop but can be used as a portable tablet too.

Their Thinkpad series of laptops are really good and slim. Having a strong presence in the Indian market with their quality products and excellent customer support, they mark their place in our top 5 list of best laptop brands in India as well as worldwide.

You can choose a Lenovo laptop for its design and innovation, specifications, top-notch performance, and great customer support. If you want to buy a Lenovo laptop, do check out the Lenovo offers on Amazon, here’s our list of Top 10 Best Lenovo Laptops.

#4. Asus

Top 10 Best Asus laptops In India

Asus is a Taiwan-based computer hardware and electronics company. Apart from laptops and computers, they are also in smartphone manufacturing and they are doing good there too. Asus tops the chart when it comes to notebook, motherboard, and gaming series machines. They are one of the top laptop brands in India.

Their ZenBook series, VivoBook series, and gaming laptops are really very popular in the Indian market. The ZenBook series are premium, thin and lightweight laptops good for business users. They are really innovative in their gaming laptop series, they have designed some of the thinnest gaming laptops available in the market today.

You can choose an Asus laptop for its beautiful design, high-end configurations, top-notch performance, and great customer support. In case you want to buy An Asus laptop, do check out the Asus offers on Amazon, here’s our list of Top 10 Best Asus Laptops.

#5. Acer

Top 10 Best Acer laptops In India

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational computer and hardware company established in 1976. They have a network all around the world. Acer has marked its place and become the top laptop brand in the world because of the high-quality display on its laptops and Chromebooks. They have a wide range of offerings for day-to-day as well as business usage.

In India, they are famous for their performance laptops. They price their laptops in a mid-range that best suits the average user. Their main product lineups in laptops are Swift, Spin, Switch, Aspire Series, and Acer One. Acer laptops provide great value and that’s the reason they have that enormous global market.

You can choose an Acer laptop for its sturdy build, performance, value for money, and decent customer support. In case you want to buy an Acer laptop, do check out the Acer offers on Amazon, here’s our list of Top 10 Best Acer Laptops.

##. Apple

You must be thinking why “Apple” is not there in our list of top 5 best laptop brands. Indeed Apple can be defined as the undisputed king in laptops as well as in the smartphone industry. But as they do have completely different offerings, which in most cases are not suited for average users, and thus we thought of putting them separately.

Apple was established in the USA in the year 1976. It is one company that actually needs no introduction. All their laptops are targeted at premium users and priced a bit higher. Their laptops are known as The MacBook which is the world’s most selling premium laptop. They are known throughout the world for being the best-optimized laptop in the world. They never fail to impress users with the high performance and quality of their products.

You can choose an Apple laptop for its beautiful and slim build and design, optimized performance, and excellent customer support. And most importantly if you can afford them, as they are priced very high. Also, a point to be noted here is that they have their own operating system known as iOS which is completely different from Windows. In case you want to buy an Apple laptop, do check out the Apple offers on Amazon.


These are the top 5 best laptop brands not only in India but also worldwide. In case you are planning to buy a laptop, you can easily choose one from these top laptop brands in India. With any of these brands, you can expect great built quality, excellent performance, various configuration options, and good customer support.

Purchasing a cheap laptop with cheap hardware may slow down the laptop internally in the long run, hence purchasing a laptop with good hardware is always a good choice. Always go for the latest and new generation processor with an optimum RAM capacity and the dedicated graphics card if you want your laptop to give you want the best performance for a few years.