Best Laptops Under 20000 Rs In India 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

Are searching for one of the best budget laptops in India. Your search ends here. Well, here we have handpicked The Best Laptops Under 20000 Rs In India.

Under 20000 Rs you can’t expect a laptop with a very high-end specification. But if you are planning to your buy your first laptop or if you are a student and looking to buy a budget-friendly laptop then these laptops that come under 20000 Rs will do the job perfectly without any problem. Laptops under 20000 Rs are good for the regular day to day usage like web browsing, watching movies and for daily office work.

Here in this post, we bring you the list of Best Laptops around 20000 Rs price range that you can currently buy in India. Though you can’t expect a gaming performance on these laptops, these are good enough for regular usages. In case if you have a slightly higher budget for your laptop, You may also check our list of Best laptops Under 25000 Rs and Best laptops Under 30000 Rs. If you want to check more such lists of best laptops in the different categories, do check our Laptops Section.

Why our list of best laptops under 20000 Rs in India?

  • Our list of best laptops under 20000 Rs in India is not just based on our personal opinions or users reviews but they are directly based on the number of sales. Yes, you got it right, these are also the bestselling laptops around 20000 Rs budget.
  • As these laptops are the bestsellers in this budget range, hundreds and thousands of people in India have bought and using these laptops in their daily works. These are the tried and tested laptops around 20000 budget mark in India.
  • When you choose to buy any of these best laptops under 20000 rs in India, you actually buy the best laptop in this budget that gives you the best performance for years. So, go ahead and buy a laptop under 20000 Rs that India trusts.

Gone are the days when laptops used to be the luxury product. Thanks to the brands and the competition in the market these days, we actually get some of the good portable computing machines in a really affordable budget. Though sometimes it becomes really difficult to pick the right model due to a large number of models available in this segment but you don’t need to worry now. In this post, we will help you with choosing and buying one of the best laptops under 20000 Rs in India.

Best Laptops Under 20000 Rs In India In 2021

Here’s our list of Best Laptops Under 20000 Rs In India In 2021, we have given the direct links to these laptops so that you can easily buy one of these best laptops under 20000 in India. Also, the list is updated on a regular basis, so you will always get the latest and best laptops under your budget. Here we go with our list.

Sale: 27% OffBestseller No. 1
AVITA Essential Refresh NE14A2INC43A-MB 14-inch/35.56 cm(Intel Celeron-N4020/4GB/128GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/FHD/Integrated Graphics), Matt Black
  • Processor:Celeron-N4020, Base Processor Speed 1.1 GHz , Max speed2.8 GHz
  • Operating System:Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home | In the box Laptop, AC Adapter, User Guide, Manuals
  • Display: 14-inch screen/35.56 cm (1920X1080) FHD display| Connectivity: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2

Here we have shared the list of Best Laptops Under 20000 Rs In India In 2021, which are really good for day to day and regular usage. In case if you want more option to review and compare, just search here. You will get the more laptops shortlisted under 20000 Rs in India. You can compare and choose the one that best meets your requirement.

What To Look For When Buying One Of The Best Laptops Under 20000 Rs In India?

There are different components that make the perfect laptop, tough under 20000 budget you can not get a very high-end laptop but if you look for some of the important components, you can actually get one of the best laptops under 20000 Rs in India. Here’s the quick buying guide that explains, what are the important thing that you should consider when buying one of the best machines under 20000 Rs in India.

Processing Power

In this budget range, you can only get an entry-level processor, you can not expect a great performance but yes, they are pretty capable for day to day regular usages. If we talk specifically, most of these laptops will have an entry-level dual-core or quad-core AMD processor, you may get some models with Intel Celeron or Quad-Core processor as well. For this budget range, it does not make a big difference and you will get similar performance with both the processors if you choose the latest generation processor.

Memory & Storage

With these laptops under 20000 Rs in India, you will get a standard 4GB of RAM, which we believe is good enough for regular multi-tasking. Though, with some of the models, you can also get an option to expand the RAM. Given the processing power you get with these laptops, we believe the RAM given is sufficient but if you are someone who does lots of multi-tasking, you can get the RAM expanded with more 4GB. Talking about the storage, you will get 1TB of HDD storage, which is more than enough for casual users.

Graphics Card

Graphics card is one of the very important components in a laptop, without having the graphics support, you can not run most of the applications in your laptop. Though you can expect a dedicated graphics card with the laptops around 20K budget segment; but yes most of the processors will have an integrated graphics card support. Which might be good even if you like to play some medium graphics games or when you use some graphic-intensive applications. Though, when you run a very heavy graphic application or games you may notice some sort of lags in the graphics.

Built & Design

Today laptop is not just those device that you just buy considering its processing power and performance, it has become a fashion statement these days. So when buying one of the best laptops under 20000 Rs in India, look for the built and design as well. The laptop should be built sturdy so that you can use it for many years and it should also look beautiful. As we are talking about the built and design, let’s talk about the screen size as well, you will get a 15.6 Inch standard screen size with most of the laptops in this budget range, they are really big and good for media consumption.

Brand & Warranty

Last the not least, when buying the best laptop under 20000 Rs in India, one more important thing that you need to consider is the brand and warranty. Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and HP are the well-known laptop brands that you can trust in India. With most of these laptops, you will get a standard 1-year warranty but with some of the models, you may get an extended warranty as well especially when you buy during some online sales. Also, you get the on-site warranty where you get the service at home when required but do check the warranty terms and conditions as well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions by our users on different online forums when buying one of the best laptops under 20000 Rs in India. We thought to answer these questions here to further help you and all our users in choosing the best machine around 20000 budget mark in India.

What is the best screen size for a laptop under 20000 Rs?

With most of the laptops under 20000 Rs in India, you will get a standard 15.6 Inch standard screen size. You may get some models with a smaller 14 Inch screen size as well but that will be with limited models only. The 15.6 Inch screen is good for media consumption.

Can I get the Windows OS in a laptop under 20000 Rs in India?

Yes, with some of the models you can get the Windows operating system pre-installed, though most of the machines in this range will have DOS only. Even if you can get a machine with Windows OS in this range, you may need to compromise on something.

Which processor is good for a laptop under 20000 Rs in India?

Laptops under 20000 will have an entry-level processor either from AMD or Intel. Considering the budget, both of these processors perform well for regular day to day usages without any problem.

Are laptops under 20000 Rs good for students?

Yes, if you are buying your first laptop or if you are buying it for a school or college projects, these laptops are good enough. You can also play low to medium graphic-intensive games and can enjoy video contents as well but don’t expect the high gaming performance with these laptops under 20K having entry-level processors.

Can I use laptops under 20000 Rs for business purposes?

Yes, if you have basic business requirements such as using office files or internet browsing, the laptops under 20K are good enough. Though, if you are buying it for coding or wants to use some very heavy graphics applications, you may need to increase your budget and buy a laptop that meets all your requirements.


Now that we have come to the end our guide and list of best laptops under 20000, we hope that you have got all the information that will help you in choosing the best machine in this budget. Now you can easily differentiate a good laptop and the one that you need to avoid when buying the best in your budget.

All the laptops listed here are top-notch especially considering the budget segment they belong to and they are all from the well-known and trusted brands in India. You can buy any of these laptops listed here or you can also do the research yourself while buying the laptop with the help of the buying guide given above.

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