Best Laptops Under 25000 Rs In India 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

If you are planning to buy a budget laptop around 25K price mark, here’s our list of top 10 best laptops under 25000 Rs in India reviews and buying guide.

The laptop has become the necessity these days, we can not imagine our day to day life without a laptop. Thanks to technology innovations and competition among brands, we all can afford a decent laptop in today’s time. If you are wondering which is the best laptop under 25000 Rs in India? Well! here we have shortlisted the Top 10 Best Laptops under 25000 Rs in India In 2021. We can’t expect very high-end performance from a laptop under 25000 Rs, but yes you can get a decent laptop with a decent specification, which will be good for your day to day regular computing and office use.

If you are looking for even better performance laptops and if you can stretch your budget a bit more, you may also check our list of Best laptops Under 30000 Rs, which will have slightly better specifications and configurations. Also, if you have a slightly lower budget, you can also get some Best laptops Under 20000 Rs. If you want to check more such lists of best laptops in the different categories, do check our Laptops Section.

Why our list of best laptops under 25000 Rs in India?

  • Our list of best laptops under 25000 Rs in India is not just based on our personal opinions or users reviews, in fact, they are picked because of their sales number. Yes, you got it right, these are also the best-selling laptops online in this budget.
  • Being the best-selling laptops around 25000 budget segment, these laptops are trusted by many users, these are the tried and tested laptops that many people in India have already purchased and using them.
  • When you buy one of the laptops listed here, under 25000 Rs in India, you actually buy a quality laptop and you also get the best value for your money. So, go ahead and choose a laptop under 25K budget that India trust.

It’s a bit difficult and confusing for the first time buyers to choose the best laptops, especially under 25000 budget mark. If you are also planning to buy the best laptop under 25000 Rs in India, you don’t need to worry now. Here in this post, we will show you the best models that you can get in your budget and also there is a buying guide at the end of this post that you can refer while choosing and buying a laptop in this budget.

Top 10 Best Laptops Under 25000 Rs In India In 2021

Here we go with our list of Top 10 Best Laptops Under 25000 Rs In India In 2021 and for your convenience we have given the direct links to these best laptops, just click the link below and get your favorite laptop in your budget. Also, you can bookmark this page so that you can come here at any time when you need to buy a new laptop in 25000 Rs.

Sale: 27% OffBestseller No. 1
AVITA Essential Refresh NE14A2INC43A-MB 14-inch/35.56 cm(Intel Celeron-N4020/4GB/128GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/FHD/Integrated Graphics), Matt Black
  • Processor:Celeron-N4020, Base Processor Speed 1.1 GHz , Max speed2.8 GHz
  • Operating System:Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home | In the box Laptop, AC Adapter, User Guide, Manuals
  • Display: 14-inch screen/35.56 cm (1920X1080) FHD display| Connectivity: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2

So, these were our pick for the Top 10 Best Laptops Under 25000 Rs that you can currently buy in India In 2021. As these laptops are top-rated and reviewed online, we believe these are the best laptops you can buy in your budget. In case if you want more options, just search here. You will get the curated list of more laptops under the similar budget range, that you can view and compare and can make your decision.

What To Look For In Best Laptops Under 25000 Rs In India

We have already given above the list of 10 best laptops under 25000 in India, still, if you want to do a bit of research before buying a laptop. Here’s our quick buying guide which explains what are the major things that you need to look for when buying the best laptop under 25000 Rs in India. Check out the guide below.


The laptop includes different components, if we talk about the core specifications, they are processor, RAM, storage and Graphics card. Under 25000 Rs, you can not expect great specifications. But yes, if you consider these things carefully, you can buy a decent laptop in your budget. Intel Core i3 laptops would be your best bet although the models will be limited and you will get the old generation one with slightly lower clock speed but you can not complain about this under this budget segment. At this price point, both Intel and AMD processor does a pretty good job without any major issues.

We recommend you to prefer a laptop having 4GB RAM, these days as the apps getting heavier, we won’t recommend anything less than 4GB RAM. The more the RAM, it will be good at multitasking. With most of these models in this budget range, you will get 1TB of HDD storage, which is more than enough for regular users. If you can get an SSD storage in this budget, that will be awesome. You can not expect a dedicated graphics card, but yes, look for the laptops having the integrated graphics card.

Operating System (OS)

We recommend Windows 10 Operating System but if you want to save some bucks, you can get a laptop with DOS or Ubuntu OS as well (If you are comfortable using these operating systems). Most of the laptops that come in this budget segment will have DOS or Ubuntu operating system pre-installed. You can get some models with Windows 10 pre-installed but they all will be priced at a higher side.

Built Quality & Design

When buying a laptop in around 25000 budget range, one important thing that you need to consider is the build quality and design. Though you can not expect premium built in this budget, you should look for sturdy built and beautiful design. Coming to the screen size 15.6 Inches is the standard size of the laptop today, in case if you are looking for the smaller form factor, you won’t get many options to choose.

DVD Drives

It depends on your requirement if you need it or not. DVD drives are getting out from most of the premium laptops these days but thankfully most of the laptop will have the DVD Driver in this budget segment. It depends on your usages but if you don’t get the DVD Drive in the model you have selected you can use portable pen drives or hard drives or if you want you can get an external DVD drive as well.

Brand & Warranty

Last but not least, when buying such expensive products, as you are spending your hard-earned money, do choose the brand wisely. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus are the well-know and most trusted laptop brands that you can choose from. Most of these laptop brands also offer an on-site warranty, when they come to your place to repair your laptop, but do check the warranty terms carefully.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions that most of our users aske when buying one of the best laptops under 25000 Rs in India. We thought to answer these questions here to help you and our users in choosing the best machine in this budget range. Go through these FAQs, they may help you in your purchase.

Can I install Windows in the device having a DOS operating system?

Yes, if you already have a Windows license or if you want to buy Windows operating system separately, you can do so and then you can install the Windows operating system in your laptop along with the DOS operating system.

Should I buy the laptop with Intel or AMD processor?

If you are talking about this particular budget segment around 25000 Rs mark, both these processors are good for decent performance. But, if you can get a model having Intel Core i3, I will suggest you, to choose this laptop model.

Can I get a decent laptop under 25000 Rs in India?

Yes, you can get a decent laptop under 25000 Rs in India which you can use in your daily computing, browsing and watching movies etc. Having the starting level processors in these laptops, you can not expect the heavy gaming performance.

Is the laptop under 25000 Rs is good for students or office purposes?

Yes, the laptops unders 25000 price mark are best suited for college going students and for regular office works. You can easily do regular office stuff and also you can watch videos and can use for internet browsing, there won’t be any issues at all.

Can I get the expandable RAM option in laptops under 25000 in India?

Yes, with some of the models in this range you can get the expandable RAM option. You can increase the RAM by 4GB that makes it to 8GB of RAM, it will be really useful if you do lots of multitasking or open many tabs simultaneously.


Now that we have come to the end of this guide, hope you have got all the information that you can choose one of the best laptops under 25000 Rs in India. Don’t be in a rush and spend a bit of time while choosing one of the best models currently available in the market.

You can choose the one from the list given above, as they are the best selling models you won’t be disappointed having any of them. Further, to sum up, the things, look for the better specifications from the best laptop brands in India. You will get the best quality laptop that gives you year-round top-notch performance.

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