Best LED TV Under 40000 Rs In India In 2022 (Reviews)

Planning to buy an LED TV and your budget is around 40K Rs? Here’s our list of best LED TV under 40000 Rs in India in 2022. Under Rs 40000, you can actually get some really good options.

40000 Rs is more than a decent budget, in this budget segment you can actually get a really high-end LED TV. Obviously, when you are looking for something in this budget segment, you should be looking for a 4K UHD LED TV, and the good news is that you can actually get that. Another good thing is that most of them will be a Smart LED TV. And obviously, when you are spending so much you would be expecting that smart features and great viewing experience.

Here you will get the LED TVs with large screen sizes, mostly 43 Inch LED TV. Also, In this budget segment, you won ’t need to compromise on brand. You can get a high-end 4K LED TV from almost any leading brand in India like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic. As so many companies are targeting this budget segment, the only problem within this budget segment is that you get plenty of options.

That ’s the good thing for us as consumers but sometimes that is very confusing as well. It ’s very difficult to choose the best one from the options available. We hope this post will help you in buying the best LED TV under 40000 Rs in India. In case if your budget is slightly low, you may check our other list of best LED TV under 35000 Rs in India.

Best LED TV Under 40000 Rs In India In 2022

Here we go with our list of best LED TVs under 40000 Rs budget segment that you can currently buy in India. Do note that, we keep updating the list here so in case if you have a plan to buy an LED TV in the future, you can bookmark this page.

So, these were our pick for best LED TV under 40000 Rs in India for 2022. You can choose to buy any of these and if you want more options to view and compare, search here. You will get more LED TVs which are best in this budget segment. You can read the reviews, compare the features and then you can decide which one to go with.

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