Best Mattress In India 2021 (Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide)

You need to be a bit careful when buying mattresses for your home, check our list of top 10 best mattress in India quick reviews along with the buying guide.

After a busy day of work and daylong stress, we all need a restful sleep at night and that requires a comfortable environment and a soft and cozy mattress. A good night’s sleep not only makes your fresh in the morning but also helps you stay fit both mentally as well as physically. A good quality mattress not only helps you in sleeping well at night but also it may help you if you have back pain (or if you do lots of physical work), as some mattresses really work well at the pressure points and help relieve back pain.

Although choosing the right and comfortable mattress is not that easy as you might be thinking. There are many brands that manufacture different types of mattress, there are some that might not be suitable for you. When buying the right set of mattresses, you need to consider many factors, such as mattress quality, construction, thickness, and the firmness level, etc. A good quality mattress may cost you a bit high but you need to think that it’s a long-term investment that you are making for many coming years so that you can have the sound sleep for years and can live a healthy life.

Though there is no direct relation between the price of the mattress and the comfort you will get when you sleep on the mattress. But one thing that matters here is, you need to spend some time and choose the mattress carefully for yourself or for your family. In case if you are planning to buy a mattress and not able to pick the right one, don’t worry we are here to help you. Here we have listed the top 10 best mattress in India that you can currently buy. We have considered all the important factors that will save your time in buying one of the best mattresses in India.

Why our list of best mattresses in India?

  • Our list of best mattress in India is not based on just user’s reviews or on our personal opinions but the list is directly based on their sales number. You got it right, the listed mattresses are also the current bestselling mattresses online in India.
  • What it means being the bestseller mattress is these mattresses are being used by hundreds and thousands of users in India. These are the tried and tested mattresses and thus so many people are using them and you can also buy one of them.
  • When you choose to buy one of the top 10 best mattress in India listed here you not only buy a good quality mattress but also you will get the best value for your money. So go ahead and choose the best mattress that India trusts.

A good quality mattress is a costly investment and thus you need to care for your mattress so that it will last longer and you won’t need to buy a new mattress soon. You can buy one of the best mattress protectors in India that will help you protect your mattress from dust. In case if you are looking for more bedroom and furniture-related products, do check our list of the best furniture in the furniture category.

Top 3 Best Mattress Of 2021

In case if you are in a hurry and do not have time to go through our entire list of 10 best mattress in India and their reviews. Here the top 3 bestselling mattresses in India, there are hundreds and thousands of users using these mattresses, you can choose from any of these. Further, if you have some time, do check our entire list of 10 best mattresses in India and the quick buying guide given at the end of the post.

Top 10 Best Mattress In India In 2021 (Features & Reviews)

Here we go with ou list of top 10 best mattress in India in 2021. We have also given the features and specifications along with the mattresses, you can also check the pricing and user reviews after clicking on the given link. Also, as we keep updating this list here one a regular basis, here you will always find the best and latest mattresses currently available in the market. You should bookmark this page so that you can come here whenever you need to buy a new mattress for your home and bedroom.

Sale: 28% OffBestseller No. 1
Sleepwell Starlite Discover 4-inch Firm Single Size Foam Mattress (72*36*4 Inches)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (182.88 cm), Width (91.44 cm), Height (10.16 cm)
  • Primary Material: Foam
  • Comfort Layer: High Density (HD) Foam
Sale: 66% OffBestseller No. 2
Wakewell Cotton Single Bed, Foldable, Light Weight Mattress Soft Medium Gadda (Multicolour, 1 Sleeping Capacity, 3 x 6 ft or 72 x 36 Inch)
  • Cotton Mattress Made From top notch Cotton To provide proper Body Support
  • Content: 1 Cotton Mattress
  • Both Side Usable, Reversible Mattress
Sale: 25% OffBestseller No. 3
SUGANDHA Large Soft Cotton Single Mattress with 2 Sleeping Capacity (72X48X4-Inch, Multicolour)
  • Coulours Are Subjected To Availability And Advisable For The Students Who Stays In Hostel Or Pg
  • No Warranty
  • Size: Its Large 02 Person Can Sleep
Sale: 20% OffBestseller No. 4
Wakefit Dual Comfort 6-inch Diwan Size Mattress (72x48x6 inches)
  • Length (72 Inches), Width (48 Inches), Height (6 Inches)
  • Color : White , Mattress Feel : Medium Firm & Medium Soft on Different Sides
  • Warranty : 7 Years Manufacturer warranty.
Sale: 74% OffBestseller No. 5
Padam Shree Soft Foldable EPE Foam 4 Fold 2 inch Single Bed Mattress (72x35x2 inch)
  • Primary Material: Epe Foam
  • Product Length: 72 inch, Width: 35 inch, Thickness: 2 inch (6 ft x 3 ft x 2 inch)
  • Suitable for Hostel, Hotel and Extra Bed Mattress,Meditation, Exercise, Yoga & Gymnastics,Picnic
Sale: 63% OffBestseller No. 6
AnuAshi (3x6) Soft Cotton Tuffed Multicolor Heavy Mattress/gadda 72x36x5
  • 100% cotton foldable mattress
  • 6 kg cotton
  • extra soft and comfortable
Sale: 69% OffBestseller No. 7
AnuAshi Box Soft Cotton Filled Cheque Style Mattress for Good Sleeping Experience (Multicolour , 6x3 ft )
  • AnuAshi soft cotton mattress
  • One sleeping capacity 3x6 fitt (36x72)
  • Soft and comfortable Mattress and easy to store at any place
Sale: 45% OffBestseller No. 8
SUGANDHA 2 inch Single Bed Folding Pure EPE Foam Mattress for Travel, Picnic (72X35X2, Medium)
  • Length: 72 inch, Width: 35 inch, Thickness: 2 inch (6 ft x 2 ft 10 in x 2 in)
  • Folding Mattress
  • Bed Size: Single | Mattress Type: Foldable
Sale: 70% OffBestseller No. 9
ATOOTFUSION Soft Cotton Foldable Light Weight Filled Single Firm Mattress| Gadda (Multicoloured, 1 Sleeping Capacity, 3 x 6 ft or 72 x 36 Inches)
  • Material - 100% Recyclable Dust Free Hypoallergic Black Hosiery Cotton Inside And Upholstery Cotton Cover Brand: Atootfusion
  • The product is sold Coulours Are Subjected To Availability And Advisable For The Students Who Stays In Hostel Or Pg
Sale: 66% OffBestseller No. 10
Padam Shree Pure Soft Cotton and PU Foam 2 inch Foldable Single Mattress , 72x35x2 inch
  • Suitable for Hostel, Hotel and Extra Bed Mattress, Meditation, Exercise, Yoga & Gymnastics, Picnic
  • Material Type - High Density PU Foam
  • Mattress Feel Type - Soft

So these were our list of 10 best mattress that you can currently buy in India. We hope you will find the one from the list that is suitable for your requirements. In case if you are not happy with our list above or if you want more options, just search here. You will find hundreds of more such best mattresses in India that you can choose from. You can go through the pricing and can compare the specifications, also you can read the user reviews before making your buying decision.

Things To Consider When Buying Mattress

There are some important factors that you need to consider when buying the best mattress in India. The time and effort that you invest in choosing the right mattresses will pay you in the form of good sleep for many years. Here are some of the important factors that you need to consider when buying one of the best mattresses in India.

Mattress Size

Choosing the right mattress size is very important, if the mattress size is not right, it may affect your sleep and also if it does not fit on your bed, it will not look good and it will neither be comfortable. So when buying the best mattress in India, make sure you choose the perfect mattress size. Here are some of the common mattress sizes available.

  • Twin Mattress ( 39” X 75” ): This is also known as “single mattresses” that have the accommodation capacity of one sleeper (especially child). The dimension (length) of this mattress can’t be fit for a tall adult.
  • Twin XL Mattress (39” X 80”): This mattress is slightly bigger in length (80 inches). Having the added length, this mattress is best suited for taller adults, these mattresses are perfect for the main bedroom and guest bedrooms.
  • Full Mattress (54” X 75”): Now, this mattress is slightly wider and thus it’s perfect for those who need a wider space for having sleep (again check the length).
  • Queen Mattress (60” X 80”): One of the most popular and perfect size mattresses, these mattresses are best suited for the couples who want. This might be the perfect fit for your requirement especially if you are a couple.
  • King Mattress (76” X 80”): This size of mattresses is best for couples having kids as these mattresses are a bit wider, which has more space thus it makes the perfect choice for couples with a kid (or even if you share the bed with your pet).

Mattress Type

There are different types of mattresses that uses different materials. You need to pay close attention to the mattress type, as mattresses are of not the same, some might not be comfortable for you. Here are some of the types of mattresses, you will find.

  • Coir Mattress: Coir Mattresses are the most economical and eco-friendly mattresses available in India. Coconut coir is used in the manufacture of this type of mattress and thus they are really affordable for everyone. As they are made using coconut coir, they may get sagged down over years of use.
  • Spring Mattress: These are the traditional type of mattresses, it has got metal springs used under the nicely made cushion. They feel a bit bouncy and are mid-budget-friendly. Over time, the spring may get broke and may even tear the cushion cover and then it might feel uncomfortable to use and sleep.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: These mattresses are the innovation of the most popular mattress type in India i.e. Foam Mattress. High-quality dense foam called viscoelastic polyfoam is used in the manufacturing of memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are a bit costlier but also the most comfortable to sleep on.
  • Foam Mattress: These are the most popular and budget-friendly mattresses in India. You can easily find these mattresses in a store nearby you. Regular foam is used in the manufacturing of these mattresses which are less dense and thus they are more soft and spongy. The biggest drawback of this mattress type is that it retains the heat so it might be uncomfortable to sleep on during summer.
  • Latex: These mattresses are build using the synthetic rubber-like material. As they are using synthetic material, you will find the different firmness levels in the latex mattresses depending on the proportion of mix used in the process of manufacturing the mattress material.
  • Hybrid: As the name suggests, the hybrid mattress uses the different types of mattress materials used in different layers. These mattresses are really good as you will get the advantage of different materials (the comfort of memory foam and the cooling of latex) used and you may get the one in your budget as well.
  • Air Bed: These are popular among the people who like to move the mattresses. As they are air beds, you need to blow the air inside the mattress and when not in use you can remove the air and can put in a very small place.
  • Gel Bed or Water Bed: There are some memory foam mattresses that are infused with the gel inside the mattresses. They are good as they provide extra cooling, though they are not so popular as compared with the other mattress types.

Quality of the Mattress

when buying the best mattress in India, you need to look for the mattress quality as well. We have already discussed the different mattress types, not mattress manufacturing. What we mean here is you need to look for the best build quality, there are many things that make the best quality mattresses. The layering of the mattresses, stitching, cushion quality used and the fabrics used in the mattresses are some of the most important things that you need to check when looking for the best quality mattresses in India.

Your Sleeping Style

Sleeping style is also an important factor when buying the best mattress in India. Different people have different sleeping styles, some like side sleeping, some like back or on the stomach sleeping. The same mattress may not be comfortable for every person. So you need to consider this factor as well if you are buying the mattress for yourself.

Brand & Warranty

Last but not least, buying the best mattress in India is a costly affair. We usually don’t buy mattresses very often, in fact, if you have a good quality mattress, it may last for 10-15 years without any problem. So when buying a mattress, you should only consider the well known and trusted brand so that your mattress will last longer and if there is any issue, you will get the warranty from the company. Even if it cost a bit high, we only recommend choosing one of the best quality mattresses from the best mattress brands in India.

How To Clean or Maintain a Mattress?

It is important to regularly clean your mattress, it will give your mattress a new life and also your mattress will last longer. Though, mattress cleaning is not an easy task and so you should have a mattress protector to save your mattress from dust. Here is a quick video, which shows some do it yourself (DIY) hacks to clean your mattress.

Source: YouTube, Credit: Hometalk
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Mattress Buying FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions that most of our users ask when they go for buying one of the best mattresses in India. So, we thought to cover these questions here so that you can make the best decision with the help of the answers to these questions and can buy the best mattress in India.

Which is the best mattress for back pain?

Choosing the wrong mattress may worsen your back pain, you need to consult your doctor for suggestions when buying a mattress if you have back pain. If you want to choose something everyone use, we suggest you, memory foam mattress, they are medium-firm and should support your spine and can help you in back pain.

Which is the best mattress for small kids?

Avoid those mattresses which have any types of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. You need to choose the right mattress material when buying the best mattress in India for kids. Latex is the best mattress material for kids.

Which is the best mattress for pregnant women?

Pregnant women should be extra careful while sleep, always try sleeping sidewise and avoid sleeping on your back and never on the stomach side. You can choose something that is soft and comfortable, you can go with memory foam or latex build mattress.

How to choose the best mattress in India?

No one likes uncomfortable sleep at night and thus you should have the best mattress. When buying the best mattress in India, check the built quality and the material used, most importantly the mattress should be soft and comfortable to sleep.

What are reversible mattresses? Are they good?

The reversible mattresses can be used on both sides. One side of the mattress is firm and the other side of the mattress is a bit soft. You can sleep on any side that makes you more comfortable and also you can change the side of the mattress when needed.

Is it safe to buy a mattress online in India?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy mattresses online in India. In fact, when you choose to buy online, you will get more options and also better pricing. You need to buy from the trusted online store so that if anything goes wrong you can replace the mattress.

How to make the mattress last longer?

To make your mattress last longer, you need to use a good quality mattress protector. Also in a month’s time, let it soak sunlight, ask the kids in the house not to jump on the mattress. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines when using and cleaning the mattress. These small steps will keep your mattress in good condition for a longer period.


So, now that we have come to the end of this post, we hope that you have got all the information and details that you need to buy the best mattress in India. You can easily choose the one from our list, which only includes the bestselling mattresses online in India. And, if you have a bit of time and want to do all the research yourself, our quick buying guide will come handy in choosing one of the best mattresses in India. The best mattress will not only help you in sleeping well but also it will keep you healthy. So choose the best mattress in India and sleep well, all the very best.

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