Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans In India For 2020

Best Pedestal Fans In India

Are you looking to buy one of the best pedestal fans in India? Here’s our list of Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans in India for 2020. The only difference between a table fan and pedestal fan is, pedestal fans do not require a table as it already has a pedestal. It gives you a freedom to move a pedestal table fans from one place to another without much of trouble and hassle.

A pedestal fan is simple to use as it does not require any setup or installation. Also, it just takes a little space in your house or office and can be kept anywhere in the corner. The ceiling fans provide you the air only within its range and the air that reaches you may not be that cool.

Thus, to feel the fresh and cool breeze on a very warm summer day, it is one of the must-have home and office appliances. There are many types of pedestal fans available in the market today, you may choose the one depending on your need and requirement. To make the things easier for you we have included a buying guide at the end of this post, where you will find all the info you may need during buying one of the best pedestal fans in India.

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Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans In India For 2020

Here’s our hand-picked list of top 10 best pedestal fans in India for 2020. Direct links of these also provided so that you can find these pedestal fans easily.

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These are some of the best pedestal fans in India for 2020. Also as these pedestal fans are best rated and used by thousands of users in the country, you will be taking a good decision while choosing any of these top 10 best pedestal fans in India for 2020.

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Advantages of buying one of the best-seller pedestal fans are that you are not the first person buying the product. Already thousands of people across the country and of course in different weather conditions are using these pedestal fans. You may check the user opinions and reviews before buying one of these top 10 best pedestal fans in India.

Pedestal Fans – Buying Guide

1. As you are buying a pedestal fan, the obvious reason is that you want it to be portable from one place to another place, check wheather the height of pedestal of the fans can be adjusted as and when required. Try not to buy a pedestal fan which has fixed height.

2. Check the motor power and fan speed of the pedestal fan you are planning to buy, The best pedestal fan should provide you the maximum air with less power consumption. Do not forget to check the energy rating before buying any electrical appliance.

3. Also, check the built of the pedestal fans, generally, pedestal fans are built using plastic and or metal. Plastic built pedestal fans will be comfortable when it comes to the portability also it don’t get rust. Whereas a metal built pedestal fan is sturdy but with time some part of it may get rust especially during monsoons and it’s quite heavier when moving.

4. Pedestal fans differ from each other in terms of features as well, Check out the features listed clearly. Some pedestal fans have built-in remote control features, which helps you in controlling the speed of the fans even from a distance.

5. Last but not the least do not forget to check the company warranty and other terms. Some companies might be giving two years of warranty whereas other for only one year, also check whether it’s an on-site warranty or you need to carry the fan to company’s service center (Off-Site Warranty). You can expect good after sales service from all the leading pedestal fans manufacturing and selling companies in India.