Best Roti Makers In India 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Here’s our list of top 10 best roti makers in India reviews and quick buying guide, It helps you to make fluffy, tasty roti/chapati in a shorter amount of time.

If you stay away from your home because of your studies and job and miss your homemade rotis and parathas then you do not have to worry. You can buy a good quality roti maker for yourself so that you can easily make soft and fluffy rotis like your mother. If you are a woman or if you are good at making roti still having the roti maker in your kitchen has many advantages. Having a roti maker in your kitchen you can save lots of time and can make more rotis in less time. Also, roti makers are very economical and it consumes less electricity. As it works with electricity, you don’t need to have a gas stove.

As you have seen above, there are so many benefits of roti makers. If you want to buy a roti maker and are confused about which roti maker you should buy and which is not good at all, then you should read our entire post thoroughly, we are going to tell you about the top 10 best roti makers in India. All information related to will also be given, with the help of which you can buy the best roti maker for yourself.

Why our list of best roti makers in India?

  • Our list of best roti makers in India is not just based on our personal opinions and user reviews, the list is directly based on the number of sales. Yes, you got it correctly, the listed roti makers are also the bestsellers online in India.
  • As these are also the best selling roti makers in India, which simply means there are hundreds and thousands of people already using these roti makers in their kitchen. These are the tries and tested roti makers that you can buy.
  • When you choose to buy one of the best roti makers in India listed here, you buy a quality roti maker that you can use for years and also you will get the best value of your money. So, go ahead and buy a roti maker that India trusts.

Making perfectly rounded and soft roti manually is really difficult when you are not good at it. You need to make atta dough and manually make the roti. To save time and efforts, you should have an atta dough makers to knead the atta and then a roti maker to make the roti. Here in this post, we have also given a quick buying guide at the end of our list of best roti makers in India reviews. You can refer the guide to choose the best from the available options or you can choose the one from our list of bests.

Top 10 Best Roti Makers In India 2022

Here we go with our list of best roti makers in India in 2022. Also as we keep updating the list on a regular basis, here you will always get the best and latest roti makers currently available in the market. You should bookmark this page so that you can come back here at any time when you need to buy a new roti maker.

These were our hand-picked list of top 10 best roti makers that you can currently buy in India. You can buy any of these as all these are the bestselling models. In case if you want more options, just search here. You will get the curated list of more roti makers from different brands. you can easily compare the features and you can buy one that best matches your budget and requirements.

Guide: Choosing The Best Roti/Chapati Maker In India

There are so many options in roti makers available in the market. It’s actually good for the buyers that they have the option to choose from but if you are new to it, it may confuse you. Here’s our quick buying guide that will help you in making your decision.

Size & Weight

You need to check the size and weight of the roti maker, as you need to move it from one place to another and also you need to operate it manually. It should not be very heavy that you can not operate it easily. Also, it should not be very bulky.

Roti Output Size

The small form factor here comes with a disadvantage, having the smaller plates, you can make small size rotis in the roti maker, which will consume lots of time if you need to make lots of rotis. So, do check all these things as per your requirements.


Brand matters here, having the branded roti maker, you will get the best quality and also you will get a warranty. With the branded roti makers, you can make the perfectly cooked rotis, which most of the low-quality roti makers fail at properly cooking.

Safety Features

Do check the stately features also. The roti maker should be shockproof as it is an electric appliance. Also, it should have the anti-slippery features. Along with all these things, it should have the automatic switch off and temperature adjustment feature.

Best Value For Your Money

Last but not least, as you are investing your hard-earned money, look for the best value for money. Most importantly it should serve the purpose you are buying a roti maker and having all the required features in decent pricing makes it a perfect deal.

How to make puffy rotis with your roti maker?

To make the soft roti, you need to make the soft atta dough with the help of a dough maker. Then you need to make the dough balls. Keep dough ball in the backside of the machine and then press and open the lid as quickly as possible. Further, you just need to follow the process that you use to make the roti manually.

Here’s the quick video for your reference.

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Roti Makers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the common and frequently asked questions that many users ask when they go for buying one of the best roti makers in India. We thought to cover these questions here to help you and all our users in making an informed decision.

Which is the best roti maker in India?

There are different models from different brands in India. It’s difficult to choose the single best option available and thus we have given above the list of top 10 best roti makers in India. You can check the list and choose the one that best matches your needs.

Which are the best roti maker brands in India?

There are many good roti maker brands in India. As we only suggest the popular and trusted brands, you can buy good quality roti makers from Prestige and Bajaj. There are other brands also that offers premium quality and low pricing.

What is better? Hand-made rotis or rotis made in roti maker?

There’s no difference if you can get a perfectly cooked roti hand-made or from roti maker. Though roti maker is best suitable for someone who is not good at making roti by hand and also it saves lots of time especially if you are making lots of rotis.

What else I can make with a roti maker?

Although roti maker, as it has named is best for making rotis, you can make paratha and egg omelet also. You can also refer to the user manual given by the manufacturer, it will have all the details about what all the things you can make with the roti maker.

Why there is a temperature control knob in some roti makers?

Some high-end roti makers have temperature control knobs that can b used to control the temperature of the roti maker plates. You can use this feature when you are cooking something else to control the temperature. Also, refer to the user manuals given.

Do I need to put oil first on the plate before using a roti maker?

The roti makers have non-stick plates and thus you are not required to put any oil on the plate before using a roti maker. While making the parathas, you can put some oil depending on your requirements. Again do check the user manual before use.

How will I know when the roti maker is ready to use?

Roti maker has an indicator so that you will know that the roti maker is ready to make roti. Different colors of indicators are fitted in different models. Most of the roti makers have a red indicator that shows the temperature is right and you can use it.

Is it safe to buy roti makers online in India?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy a roti maker online. You will get lots of options available and also the best pricing as compared with offline stores. When you buy from the trusted stores, you are covered with the refund policy for anything wrong.


Now that we have come to the end of our roti maker buying guide and also our list of top 10 best roti makers in India. We hope that by now you have got all the details required so that you can buy the best roti maker for your kitchen. You can choose the best one from our list given above that only includes the best-selling models or if you want you can take the help of our buying guide to choose the best roti maker yourself.

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