Best Wall Mounted Fans In India 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Wall mount fans are best if you want to install the fan on the wall, here’s our list of the top 10 best wall mounted fans in India reviews and buying guide.

Wall mounted fans are those fans that are installed on the walls. They are compact fans, just like the table fans but don’t have the stand with them, unlike table fans which consume space in your room and need a table, the wall-mounted fans do not consume any space in your room as it’s installed on the wall and it’s very light-weight if compared with the table fans or pedestal fans. Wall mounted fans are the perfect solution for where you do not have the provision to install ceiling fans such as office cabins, studio spaces, kitchens, and other small rooms.

Wall Mount fans help in circulating the air in all directions from an elevated place where it is installed thus making the room livable during the sultry summers. As the summer has already started, if you are looking to buy wall-mounted fans for your home or offices then this post is going to be really helpful for you. In this post, we have listed down some of the best wall fans options that you can choose for your home and offices.

Why our list of best wall mounted fans in India?

  • Our list of best wall mount fans is not just based on our opinions or on user reviews but in fact, they are also the best-selling wall mounted fans in India i.e. there are so many people using these wall mount fans in the homes and/or offices.
  • We have picked these wall-mounted fans very carefully so that when you choose one of these wall mount fans, you not only get the best quality wall mounted fans for your home or office rooms but also you get the best value for your money.
  • By the end of this post, we have also given a detailed user buying guide that will help you choose the best wall mount fans and filter out the rest. So, just go ahead and buy from the best wall-mounted fans that India trusts.

Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Fans In India (2021)

Here we go with our list of the top 10 best wall-mounted fans in India that you can buy currently. Also, we keep updating this list on a regular basis, in fact, we update the list every season so that here you will also get the latest models available during the season. In case if you like one of the wall mount fans listed here, we have also given the direct link to Amazon India so that you can buy that wall mount fan easily. We highly recommend you bookmark this page so that you can come back here again when you need to buy a new wall-mounted fan for your home or office rooms. So, let’s dive now:

Sale: 31% OffBestseller No. 1
Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Wall Fan (White)
  • Silent Operation
  • Quick Start High Torque Motor
  • Full Copper Motor
Sale: 26% OffBestseller No. 2
Havells Sameera 400mm Wall Fan (White)
  • 3 speed fan with oscillation and tilt mechanism to direct air where it is needed
  • Pull cord for fan on/off and oscillation on/off.Rated Frequency 50 Hz
  • Aerodynamically designed and balanced blades
Sale: 18% OffBestseller No. 3
Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan (Off White)
  • Elegantly designed fan base
  • 120 ribs guard. oscillation degree : 60˚
  • Pull cord control for speed and oscillation on-off, Remote control option - No
Sale: 28% OffBestseller No. 4
iBELL-BLADE-WF16 Wall Fan 5 Leaf, Low Noise Motor,High Speed, Black
  • 5 speed Low noise motor with strong air throw
  • Wide sweep oscillation
  • Self lubricating motor
Sale: 39% OffBestseller No. 5
ENAVIJ 3 in 1 Fan( Table fan, Wall Fan, Ceiling Fan) High Speed Mini Wall Cum Table Fan Small Size 3 Speed copper motor 12 Inch Black Table Fan for home, Non Oscillating|| Model – Black beauty || WR7
  • 100 % make in India, Quality check as per International Standard, Overheating Protection, Product made as per follows all norms by department High Durability, High efficiency, High Performance, ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • 3 Speed Air Control Mode, High Air and suitable for indoor and outdoor (shop counter, Showroom, Kitchen) Powerful Copper motor, specially made for Indian conditions
  • Aerodynamically designed PP blades, Unique Oil Lubrication for better reliability and longer life, An elegant high speed copper motor fan with modern looks, high speed RPM motor with 100% copper winding .
Sale: 30% OffBestseller No. 6
iBELL BLADE WF1980 Premium Wall Fan with 5 Leaf, Low Noise Motor, High Speed - Black
  • 3 speed Low noise motor with strong air throw
  • Wide sweep oscillation and Self lubricating motor
  • 1 Year standard Warranty and additional 1 year warranty on free registration
Sale: 36% OffBestseller No. 7
Candes 400mm 3 Blade Automatic Oscillation Wall Fan With 2 Year Warranty, (White Blue)
  • Three angles of vertical tilting allow you to adjust the fan single-handedly as per requirement

  • Offers excellent air delivery of 65-95cubic metres per minute (CMM)

  • Lab-tested against stringent safety standards to ensure safety against electric shock, fire hazard, stability

Sale: 12% OffBestseller No. 8
Usha Mist Air Icy 400mm Wall Fan (White)
  • Aerodynamic PP blades for better air delivery with low noise
  • Dual colour design with attractive and decorative style
  • Jerk-free and uniform oscillation
Sale: 17% OffBestseller No. 9
usha Colossus Rust Free Aluminium Blade 400mm Wall Fan (Golden)
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminium Blades: Aluminum blades make the fan rust free thus improving performance and ensuring longer life
  • Higher Air Delivery of 92 cmm : Aluminium blades provide strength for Higher Air Delivery at normal speed compared to other normal speed fans
  • Stunning Colors: Attractive metallic colors to enhance your décor
Sale: 26% OffBestseller No. 10
Usha Pentacool 5 Blade 400mm Wall Fan (White)
  • Pentacool 5 ABS Blades give Smooth, Silent yet High Air Delivery
  • Provides Higher Air Delivery (85 CMM) than regular Wall Fans
  • Provides Smooth and Uniform air flow with super silent operations

So these were our hand-picked list of the 10 best wall-mounted fans that you can currently buy in India. We hope one of the models listed here will match your needs and requirements. As we have only listed the best-selling wall fans here, you won’t be disappointed when you buy from one of these wall mount fans. Hundreds and thousands of people can’t be wrong, you can read their reviews on Amazon India as well. In case if none of the listed wall mount fans match your requirements or if you want more options, just search here, you will get to see more options that you can choose from.

Advantages of Wall Mounted Fans

Wall-mounted fans are one of the best options to tackle the heat during the summer. There are many benefits of using wall-mount fans over the other fans available.

  • The wall mount fans are cost-effective and deliver superior performance. Unlike ceiling fans, you can move the wall mount fans in preferred directions.
  • Generally, the wall mount fans are installed at 5-6 feet height, which means it’s very easy to manage and clean wall mount fans.
  • Since they are compact and light in weight, you can actually install them in any corner of the room where you can not install or place any other fans.
  • Many wall-mount fans come with remote control, so you can easily control the speed and oscillation of the wall mount fan sitting from your place.
  • Last but not least, unlike table fans or pedestal fans, they do not occupy space in your room, and neither they need a table to place the fan as they are wall-mounted.

Types of Wall Mounted Fans Available

Though you can categorize the wall-mounted fans as per their build, design, etc., there are mainly two types of wall-mounted fans available in the market.

Residential Wall Mounted Fans

Residential wall-mounted fans are compact in size and are light-weight, they are meant to be installed and used in small spaces like small rooms, cabins, office rooms, storerooms, etc. As they are easy to install, you can install them yourself.

Commercial Wall Mounted Fans

Commercial or industrial wall-mounted fans are larger in size and thus they are a bit heavy. They are meant to be installed and used at commercials places such as stores, shopping malls, halls, party rooms, etc. They give more air and controls the humidity as well, as they are actually meant for, and also they are usually installed by professionals.

Wall Mount Fans v/s Ceiling Fans

It’s one of the most common questions that comes to mind, why wall-mounted fans and why not ceiling fans. Though both servers the same purpose, there are certain advantages of using the wall mount fans over ceiling fans and that’s why people prefer them.

  • There are certain places or rooms in the house where you do not have the provision to install a ceiling fan but you can install a wall mount fan.
  • Unlike ceiling fans, the wall mount fans are installed at a reachable height so they are easy to manage and clean wall-mounted fans.
  • Ceiling fans distribute air equally in the room whereas the wall mount fans push the air throughout the space rather than circulating it in the downward direction.
  • If needed you can control the direction of the air coming from the wall-mounted fans, which is not possible with the ceiling fans which distribute air equally.
  • Though both types of fans come with the remote control option, you will see it more often with the wall-mounted fans and they cost less as well.

Things To Consider When Buying A Wall Mount Fan

Choosing between the options and buying the best wall-mounted fans can be difficult at a time especially if you are new to buying wall mount fans. But you don’t need to worry now, here is our quick buying guide where we have explained what are all the things that you need to consider when buying a wall mount fan, hope it will help you.

Quality of The Fan

Quality comes first when buying any electrical appliances, the same thing applies here as well. You should not compromise with the quality of the wall mounted fan at all. The electrical appliances that are not made using the good quality material may have the risk of electrical hazard at your home or offices. Considering the light-weight of the wall mount fans, they are usually made of plastic materials. Do check that the blades are properly closed with the frames to prevent easy and direct access to the blades of the fan.

Size of The Fan

The size of the wall mount fan actually depends on the size of the room where you have planned to install the wall-mounted fan. For a smaller room size like cabins and office rooms, you can go with a larger wall mounted fan and vice-versa for the large room size such as bedrooms or halls, you can go with large wall mount fans.

Fan Speed & Air Delivery

When buying any type of fan, the most important factor that you need to consider is the fan speed and air delivery, the fans are used for the same purpose. Air delivery means the volume of air that the fan’s blade can provide per minute. The fan speed is measured in RPM (rotations per minute). The higher the fan speed, it will through more air.


Having the oscillation feature in the wall mount fan, the fan can rotate automatically and cover a wider area. Some wall mount fans come with an option where you can turn off the oscillation. Thus, if you don’t want the fan to move around and if you want the airflow in a specific direction only, you can turn off the oscillation feature of the fan. 

Electricity Consumption

Many people prefer a high speed wall-mounted fan but the downside of being high-speed is that it will consume more electricity as well. For people who are more concerned about their electricity bills, this might be an important factor for them. While buying any electric appliances like wall fans, we highly recommend you check the energy rating.

Noise Level

Table fans, pedestal fans, and wall-mounted fans are generally know for making more noises. Thanks to the advancement in technologies, few high-end fans come with a special technology called noise-cancellation feature that helps you in operating the fan smoothly and easily. They may cost a bit high but if you are more concerned and sensitive about the fans making more noises, it’s worth investing in them.

Easy To Mount

The wall-mounted fans should be easy to mount and remove from the wall so that you can easily install and wall mount the fan yourself. Most of the residential wall fans are light in weight and easy to install, though it worth considering this important factor. Also, the fan should be easy to remove from the wall for cleaning purposes.

Design & Color Options

Design and colors are personal preferences but they might be the deal-breaker for many. The wall-mounted fans come in limited design and color options, the most common colors that you will find are white, black, and light blue. If you are looking for one of the best wall mounted fans in India with your color and design preferences, you might need to do a bit more search, though the standard options available will suit many.

Price of The Fan

The wall mount fans are usually priced between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000, the high-end models may cost a bit more. It all depends if you really need those advanced features like remote control or WiFi control; if yes then you have to spend a bit more or the standard one might work well and you can save some of your money.

Brand & Warranty

Whether you buy a standard one or the high-end one, we highly recommend you choose the brand carefully. With the trusted brands, you not only get a quality wall-mounted fan but also you will get a warranty so that if anything goes wrong with the fan, it can be repaired for free within the warranty period. Check the warranty also, some brands offer 2 years of warranty whereas some brands offer only one year of warranty.

FAQ’s When Buying Wall Mount Fans

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions that many people ask us and in many other forums when they plan to buy a wall-mounted fan for their home or office use. We have compiled all the wall-mounted fans-related questions and answered them here to help you and our other users when buying a wall mount fan.

What are the benefits of wall-mounted fans?

Wall mounted fans are easy to install, use and manage. If we compare with table fans or ceiling fans, the wall-mounted fans do not occupy much space in your room and unlike ceiling fans, you can better control the airflow of the wall mount fans.

Which is the best wall mount fan in India?

Different people have different brand and design preferences and hence it’s practically not possible to pick a single best wall-mounted fan. In case if you are planning to buy one, you can choose from our list of the top 10 best wall mounted fans in India.

Which are the best wall mount fan brands in India?

All those brands that make other quality fans are also the best wall mount fan brands in India. To name a few – Usha, Bajaj, Havells, Orient, and Crompton are some of the wall mount fan brands that you can go with when buying a wall mount fan for your home.

Can I use a table fan as a wall mount fan?

No, the table fans are not meant to be wall-mounted. You may wall-mount or if we call it better, you may hang a table fan somehow but we highly don’t recommend doing that. It’s not only risky for the fan if that falls down but it’s risky for people as well.

Which is good for bedroom wall mounted fan or ceiling fan?

For bedrooms, if there is a provision to install a ceiling fan, we suggest installing and using a ceiling fan only. The ceiling fan throughs the air uniformly all around the room. For bedrooms, the wall-mounted fans may not be that efficient.

Can I install and use a wall-mounted fan in the kitchen?

Yes, why not? You can install and use a wall-mounted fan in your kitchen. In fact, the wall-mounted fans work best in the kitchen (not for the exhaust purpose, for that you should use an exhaust fan). It will be really useful for the person working in the kitchen.

Will I get all the accessories in the box to install the wall fan?

Yes, with most of the brands, you will get all the required accessories to install the wall-mounted fan, inside the box only, though you won’t get the tools like screwdrivers, etc. in the box, you have to arrange that yourself, you can easily get that in the market.

Which is the right place to install a wall-mount fan in the room?

It all depends on your room size and your preferences, generally, the wall-mounted fans are installed at the height of 5-6 feet from the ground. Also, you should install the wall mount fan facing the direction where you want more air to flow.

Do I need to call an electrician to install a wall mount fan?

It’s very easy to install a wall mount fan, you can install it yourself. To install the wall mount fan, all you have to do is fix the screws, plug, and play. If you are not comfortable installing the wall mount fan yourself, you can take the help of an electrician.

Can I buy wall-mounted fans online in India?

Yes, you can buy wall-mounted fans online as well, in fact, we have already given the direct links to Amazon India with the wall mount fans description above. Buying wall mount fans online in India will give you more options and competitive pricing as well.


Now that we have come to the end of this post, we hope that you have got all the details and information about buying a wall-mounted fan. You can choose one of the wall fans we have listed above, as we have only listed the best-selling models which are being used in hundreds of houses and offices by thousands of happy users, we are sure you can get the one from our list matching your needs and you won’t be disappointed.

If you choose to do a bit of research yourself, our detailed buying guide will come in handy. If you follow our wall mount fans buying guide, it won’t be any difficult for you to choose and buy one of the best wall mounted fans in India.

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