How To Keep Your Laptop Cool (10 Easy & Simple Tips)

What to know, how to keep your laptop cool? Here in this post, we will give you some easy and simple tips to keep your laptop cool. Heating issue is very common in electric and electronic appliances whether it is a television, DVD player or a smartphone.

Laptops tend to heat up after few hours of use, the reason is very much obvious, as all electronic parts including that powerful processor are fitted inside the small laptop box, and thus they generate lots of heat and thus laptop gets heat up. Being a compact size and due to the lack of enough vents, it heats up even more.

Although there are things like fan, air vents, heat sinks are fitted inside the laptop box to control and maintain the temperature but these things are not enough to keep your laptop cool. There could be many reasons for the heating issue, like heavy usage, low-quality battery or overcharging, malfunction in the internal units, for example, fan not working, etc. Thus, you need to take some extra steps to keep your laptop cool, keeping your laptop cool can really increase the life of the laptop for a few years.

10 Simple & Easy Tips To Keep Your Laptop Cool

So if you want to know how to keep your laptop cool, here are some easy and simple tips to help you control your laptop temperature and keep it cool. A small change in use can make a huge difference. So let’s see these tips here:

1. Use Hard, Flat Surface

In most of the laptops, air vents are given at the bottom of the laptop. Which means if you use your laptop keeping on the bed, it will actually block the air vents. Here, it is advised to use your laptop keeping on a hard, flat surface, so that air vents are not blocked and heat can come out easily. This small step can really make a big difference.

2. Clean Out The Dust

Sometimes air vents and other ports are filled with dust, which simply means hot air cannot come out easily and your laptop gets heated. You should check the laptop ports and air vents and clean them often. You can use cleaning cloth or home vacuum cleaner to clean your laptop vents. Switch off the laptop when you do the cleaning.

3. Get A Cooling Pad

You can use the cooling pads which comes with one or a couple of fans to keep your laptops cool. The best laptop cooling pads work like a charm in controlling the temperature of the laptop and keeping it cool. Though one drawback is that you need to carry the cooling pad along with you when you go outside with your laptop and they are a bit bulky, it won’t be an issue if you use your laptop in your office or home.

4. Adjust The Settings

Adjust the settings to use your laptop, the optimized way. Adjust the brightness of the screen so that it consumes less power. You can also adjust the internal fan to make it run faster and longer. If you are not sure if the fan is working properly, you can use a diagnostic tool which you can easily download from the laptop manufacturer website.

5. Enable Power Saving Mode

The appliance that consumes more power usually generates more heat, which is true for laptops too. Thanks to the modern operating systems, we get the power saving mode. Which not only helps you control the heating issue but also helps you increase the battery life of your laptop. Enable the power saving mode when required to keep your laptop cool and when you need more power you can switch back to the normal mode.

6. Avoid Overcharging

One common mistake that most of us do is overcharging the laptop. When using the laptop while charging, we do not notice if the laptop is fully charged and we keep using the laptop in charging when it is charged fully, which again not only generates heat but also decreases the life of the battery and power adapter.

7. Make Your Environment Cool

If you use your laptop in a cool environment, it will generate less heat. Thus if you are facing the heating issue in your laptop, you can turn on the air conditioner in your room to keep your laptop cool. You will see the difference. Avoid using your laptops when it is already hot outside. This simple step can actually make a big difference.

8. Fan Your Laptop

Sometimes you can not control the external environment and internal cooling fan may not be effective enough to keep your laptop cool. The best thing you can do in this case is to fan your laptop from outside. This will help your laptop along with the internal cooling system to control the temperature of the laptop.

9. Close All Heavy Graphics Applications

Heavy graphics application requires more processing power which means they consume more energy (battery) and generates more heat as well. So, if not in use or if your laptop gets heated, you can close all those graphics-intensive applications. Also, it’s the same with heavy graphics games as well which require more processing unit so you can close those games for some time if you feel your laptop has got heated up. Sometimes lack of enough graphics power also generates more heat.

10. Give It Some Rest

If nothing works and you feel your laptop has got very hot, it’s better to give your laptop a rest. Close all the application (make sure you have saved all your work) and shut down your laptop completely for some time. Also, I have seen people leaving their laptop switched on, even when they are not using the laptop, you can at least put that on hibernate mode, it saves your battery and keeps your laptops cool.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions regarding the laptop heating issue by the users on online forums. We thought to pick some of the top questions and answer here to help you keep your laptop cool.

Is it bad for your laptop to get hot?

Normal heating for any electric or electronic appliance is OK but if you laptop overheats then it’s definitely a serious issue. Overheating of the laptop can actually harm the internal parts of the laptop and also it can harm your body.

Do cooling pads work for laptops?

Yes, cooling pads are designed specifically to keep the laptop cool when the laptop itself is not enough to maintain the heat generated from the laptop. You can get a good quality cooling pad to protect your laptop from overheating.

How do I stop my laptop from overheating?

You can use the techniques given above to stop your laptop from overheating and to keep your laptop cool. The best you can do is use your laptop properly and make sure its fan is working, also you can use external equipment if needed.

Can a laptop explode from overheating?

Normal heating is OK for any device but if it’s overheating, you should pay close attention to your laptop. We have seen the battery exploding issue in the past, here’s the article from Gizmodo, why laptops or smartphones battery explode.

How can I tell if my laptop cooling fan is working?

You can easily locate where the cooling fan is placed in your laptop by looking at cooling vents. Place your ear on that part of the laptop and you can clearly notice if the cooling fan is working or not. If that does not work in your case, you can use the diagnostic tool from your laptop manufacturer, which you can get from their website.


It is very important that you keep your laptops cool because with increasing heat it can really damage the internal parts of your laptop. The life of the processor and motherboard decreases. This affects the overall life of the laptops. You can use these tips given above to keep your laptops cool and increase its efficiency as well.