Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend (Ideas) In India 2021

Looking for the valentine gift ideas for girlfriend, here are the top 10 best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend in India. Impress your girl with these gift ideas.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days for couples and especially for boyfriend and girlfriend. New couples do lots of things to make this love day special and rememberable. Gifts are one of the ways you can express your love this Valentine’s Day. It’s no more secret that every girl loves gifts and when she gets the gift from someone so special it feels a lot to her. You should not miss this opportunity if you want to impress your girl.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th Feb, every year all over the world but the celebration starts much before the date and continues after the date as well, thus February is also known as the love month. This is a great time if you are looking to get into a relationship. It’s an ideal time you can propose the girl or boy you like or if you are into the relationship already, you can make this special by giving memorable gifts to each other.

So, if you want to impress your girl this valentine’s day and not able to decide what you can give her. Here, we have listed the top 10 ideas of Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend and if you are a girl and want to make your boy feel special, you can check Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend. Also, if you are a married couple, there are Valentine’s Day Gifts For Wife and Valentine’s Day Gifts For Husband as well. We hope these Gift Ideas will make your day special, do check the category for more such posts.

Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Here are the top 10 best valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend. These are the things that every girl likes. You can buy any of these gifts and can impress your girl this valentine’s day. Also, the post will give you an idea of what all you can gift your girlfriend.


Jewellery is the best valentine’s gift that you can give your girlfriend. Every girl like jewellery and when you gift her jewellery she will be very happy. If you present jewellery in the form of a ring, bangles, bracelet or necklace she will keep it with her life long and she will always remember you and this valentine’s day whenever she will use the jewellery you gifted.

There is nothing else that we keep life long, even if you gift her a luxury car or any other costly thing, it might not be with her life long and even if she keeps it with her, that might become old and might night be useful. So, if you want to gift her precious memory this valentine’s day, there is nothing better than giving jewellery as a gift to her.

It won’t be hard to find the right jewellery that your girl likes. You can check with her, which jewellery she already has or what she likes the most. Even is she already have something, you can still gift her, as that will have a new design.

It’s very easy to buy jewellery online in India, you can buy it from the local jewellery shop or even if you want you can buy your favorite jewellery online from Amazon. You will get more options that you can choose from and during valentine’s week you may get a discount as well. And, if there is anything, you can easily replace it.

Soft Toys

Soft toys have always been one of the best gifts that every girl likes. Teddies are so cute and adorable and if you gift her a teddy bear, it will be a great addition to her bedroom. With it comes to showing the love and affection to your girl in the cutest way, the best thing you can gift her this valentine’s day is a teddy bear. You can easily buy soft toys online in India from You will find different types of soft toys that you can gift your girlfriend. They are light and portable and comes with talking features as well.


Purses are a great addition to a girl’s collection. Girls generally like and keep different types and colors of purses so that she can use the different purse on different occasions and also matching with her dress. So, if you have been with your girl for some time, you already know what types of purse she will like and what colors of the purse she already have and thus you can gift her a beautiful purse accordingly on this occasion.


Watches are the traditional gifts that you can give anyone on any occasion. When you gift a wristwatch to your girlfriend, she will always remember the time you both spent together. Even if she already has a watch, you can present her a latest addition. Also, if your girl is a bit tech-savvy or a fitness enthusiast you can give her a smartwatch or a fitness band as well. It won’t be difficult to find the right wristwatch for your girlfriend, you can check the latest collections on Amazon India as well.


Be it, boys or girls, everyone likes perfumes. This is the perfect gift for every occasion and for everyone. Thus, you can also gift your girlfriend, her favorite perfume. You already know, which perfume she uses or likes or you can also gift her something you like the most. On this lovely occasion, perfume might be a perfect gift for her.

Beauty Products

Girls love beauty products. This valentine’s day you can gift her beauty products such as eyeliners, makeup foundations, eyeshadows or also a set that has all these beauty products packed in a beautiful box. You have lots of options and also you can experiment when you plan to gift her beauty products. It will strengthen your relationship.

Beautiful Dress

Every girl likes beautiful dresses, girls love to keep the collection of all types of dresses. Gifting a beautiful dress, to your girlfriend will be a great addition to her wardrobe. Girls love surprises as much as they love gifts, so you can surprise her by gifting her a dress of your choice. She will be very happy that you have purchased and gifted her a dress that she will look beautiful wearing that dress. In case if you are not able to find something in a store nearby you, you can also look for something online from Amazon.

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone can be one of the best valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend. Girls like a mobile phone these days as much as boys do. Also, when you gift her a mobile phone it will help you always connected. But, before you decide to gift her a mobile phone, don’t forget to check if she already uses the latest mobile phone, then you can plan something else. In case if you want to buy a mobile phone or a smartphone to gift here, you can check our list of best smartphones in the different budget segment.

Roses (Bouquet)

Red roses are the symbol of love that you can gift your girl. When you give her red roses, even if you don’t tell her anything, it will express your love to her. Thus the red roses are the perfect valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend. If you want you can also give her bouquet of red roses or even a single rose will express your love to her. You can also present the rose along with any other gifts we suggested above.

Personalized Gifts

A personalized gift can be anything that you have personalized with your names or even pictures. Say, for example, you can gift her a locket having pictures of both of you or you can gift her a bracelet embedded with your names. Personalized gifts are very special to her, it clearly shows that you have made lots of efforts to show your love and express her. You can buy any of the gifts above and can personalize it to make it more personal.

Tips When Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

There are some important things that you need to consider when you plan to buy valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend. These small things matter a lot, it will not only help you surprise your girl but also help you expressing your love and showing care. Here are some of the points that you need to consider.

Plan Everything In Advance

You need to plan things in advance, be it your plans, events, gifts, etc. It should not be you plan on the same day of the event, things may go wrong. Make a list of all the events that you have planned for the special day. Do note girls love surprises as much as they love gifts. This is the right time you can surprise your girl with your love, care, kindness as well as your presence. If you have planned everything in advance, things will go smoothly.

Know What Your Girl Will Like The Most

When you plan a valentine’s gift for your girlfriend, first you should know what your girl will like the most. If you don’t want to ask her directly, you can check her social profile or you can play a quick quiz to find out her likings, you can give her indirect options and with that, you will come to know about her likings. Also, do not gift the same things she already has, for example, if she already has the beauty kit, it won’t be any good if you gift the same thing, it won’t make her happy or surprise her.

Price Does Not Matter, Love Matters Here 🙂

When we gift something to someone very close and special, the price of the gift does not matter. Even the person you are giving the gift will not care about the pricing. What matters here is love, affection, caring. So, when you plan to buy valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend, don’t just run for the costliest product. Also, you should gift her something that she will use every day in her daily life so that she will remember you every time, she will see or use your gift and also the gift will not be useless. In short, buy something useful, unique, special and rememberable that brings a smile to her.

Your Presence is The Most Precious Gift For Her

Gifts are not everything. If you love someone so special, the most precious gift that you can gift her is … your presence. This is the most important day for the lovers and thus you should try your best to be with her that day. If you can’t make it with her that day, it won’t make her that happy, whatever you gift her and maybe she has planned some surprises with you for that day. Try your best to be with her and show your love as much as you can, girls love multiple surprises too but with you.

You Can Buy Online Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

You don’t need to go store by store to find the best valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend, you can easily buy one of the best valentine’s day gifts online. When you choose to buy the valentine gift online, you get lots of options that you can choose from, when you go to a store you will only find limited options. Also, for some reason, if you can not give the gift directly, you can get the gift delivered directly to her place.


Now that we have come to the end of this post, we are sure this post will help you in picking the best valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend. You can refer to this post as the collection of ideas and then you can experiment yourself to find the best valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend, be creative and try your best to surprise her.

To conclude everything, you can gift her beautiful jewellery along with a red rose and take her to a candlelight dinner. She won’t forget this ever, it will become the best day for her and she will always remember. So, all the very best and happy valentine’s day.

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